Forest Frenzy Slots

Forests have provided superb backgrounds for all manner of online slot games. It's no surprise to find one acting as the location for the Forest Frenzy slot either, given the title. But there are big differences between the good and the bad in this category, so let's find out more about this slot to see what we make of it.

Who created the Forest Frenzy slot game?

This comes from Pragmatic Play, a fact that may surprise you given that it looks very different to many of their other - and newer - games.

Demo availability for this slot game

We can confirm you're able to try it before you do anything else, so it's fine to check it out in more detail this way.

Theme details for Forest Frenzy

If we told you this was set in a forest, would you be surprised? We guess not, and there are no other unusual elements to this either. It's a theme set in nature, with all that comes with it.

Does the Forest Frenzy slot game include a good design?

It certainly has its quirks, although you'll notice this looks a lot older than most of their other games released since this one. Expect to meet some creatures of the forest, some more useful than others, and settle into a game offering lots of relevant symbols to look for.

What can you expect to see when you play Forest Frenzy slots?

Expect five reels here, each offering the usual crop of three symbols. Don't spend time looking for progressive prizes though, as there are none here. The wild is a pinecone, so that's appropriate, with an acorn acting as the scatter symbol. You've also got a mushroom as a bonus symbol, so keep an eye out for that too.

How many paylines does the game offer?

There are 25 lines to look for in this game.

Is this an affordable slot game to play?

You can bet just 25 cents per spin if you like, which means one cent per line, and that makes it a penny slot. There are plenty of other possibilities available as well, so high rollers may also want to consider playing it.

Does the game include a paytable?

It does - this is something you can always rely on seeing from Pragmatic Play. Look out for the rules and prize values in there before you get underway.

What's the bonus round like?

Three mushrooms will get you there, but they must land on the same payline, and they must appear on reels two, three, and four. If you manage this trigger, you'll be presented with three acorns. A squirrel will break open whichever one you choose to find your prize within.

Free spins available too in Forest Frenzy

No need to go into a frenzy to get there either - just find an acorn on the first reel and the fifth reel at once and you'll get five spins to play. This seems to be a regular round with no multipliers involved, although you can find two more acorns to get another five spins. The bonus can also potentially be found from within these spins.

RTP information: Is it good or bad?

We prefer to see at least 96% for the return to player percentage, and this game comes in just under this at 95.97%.

What did we think of this Forest Frenzy slot?

It's rather good, although if you are used to playing their modern slot games, you might find this one looks a little too basic. It's still got free spins and a quick pick bonus round though, so it's worth trying with a score of seven out of 10 from us.

What is the best prize worth?

It looks to be 4,000 coins, so that's not bad, although we have played lots of other slots from this developer and had bigger prizes to aim for.

Entertainment with no prizes in sight should come first

The game won't be ideal for everyone, especially those looking for modern graphics. So, if you're still on the fence on this, try that demo first.

Will you play for real?

You can do so from 25 cents a go, so it's quite accessible for a lot of players. Only you can decide whether you like it enough to switch to the real thing once you've tried the demo.

Mobile accessibility

Check the casino you are playing at to see if you can reach this slot in their mobile casino. It may not be as easy to find given its age and relative simplicity.