Chase the Cheddar Slots

Are you a big cheese fan? We must admit we're all partial to a slice or two of cheese here - and cheddar is our favorite. No stinky cheese for us! So, what did we make of the Chase the Cheddar slot game? Was it a fresh and inviting slot to play or was it a stinker? If you want to find out more, here's some information for you.

Who came up with this cheesy game?

You can thank the brains behind Arrows Edge for this game, as they came up with the idea.

You can relax and load the demo version first

This is ideal as you can explore the game in more detail, finding out more about it and seeing whether the betting options fit your preferences.

Is the theme really about cheese?

Yes, in part at least, although you'll also meet cats, dogs, and mice along the way.

You can expect a striking design in this game

The game is a full-on cartoon one, with a mean-looking cat on the sofa to one side of the reels. All the icons are in full cartoon style as well, and even though the cheaper symbols are the usual letters and numbers, you'll see they're all presented in bright colors.

How to play Chase the Cheddar

The game offers a slightly larger format than usual, with five reels landing four symbols on each. The blue cat is wild, and replaces most of the other available symbols. The cat can land on the middle three reels and will substitute for the best available prize if more than one land at the same time.

The game also includes a mini progressive jackpot. We almost missed this, as it displays at the top of the game in quite small lettering and numbers. It appears to drop at random.

How many lines does the game offer?

There are no lines in this one because Arrows Edge has decided to give players the full set of 1,024 possibilities over the 5 x 4 set of reels.

Is this a costly game to play with all those possibilities?

The starting wager is just 20 cents, although many other values are available as well. The maximum is $300 per spin, but in each case, you're covering all 1,024 available ways to win prizes.

Find the rules and prize values inside the paytable

Find the question mark underneath the reels and you've found your path through to that information. Since there are other elements worth noting in this game, it is the perfect place to begin.

Look for the Mouse and Cheese bonus feature

Mice love cheese, right? Whenever you find some cheese on the reels, you'll see it displays a bonus prize. It doesn't automatically get awarded to you though - this only occurs if you land a mouse anywhere in view on the same spin. When this happens, you'll collect the total value of all the bits of cheese in view.

Better yet, more mice mean more prizes. Let's say you land three pieces of cheese in the same spin, each showing a cash prize. If you also land two mice on that same spin, each one will collect the total value. It's like having a 2x multiplier applied to the prizes. The more mice you get, the better the outcome.

Can you sneak any free spins too?

There are some free spins available, and once again, the mouse will help you get through to those. There is a meter in the game, and you must collect mice to reach each stage of the free spin round. Finding three mice will bring you three free games, while six will result in 10 free games. You can get 15 free spins for finding nine mice.

Be aware that the game will reset to zero mice collected if you decide to change your wager. If you switch back, the quantity of mice collected will still be there though. Once you've played three free games, you can continue collecting more mice to reach the next stage.

When you're playing free games, you can see more mice on the reels, so there is an opportunity to trigger further games there too.

RTP details for Chase the Cheddar slots

The basic return to player percentage for Chase the Cheddar is 95.18%. This rises to 95.93% if you include the progressive jackpot. This does mean the base game percentage is lower than we like to see, although the overall RTP almost reaches the minimum desired value of 96%.

Our rating for Chase the Cheddar

Will cheese fans love this one? We think so, as it offers some fine and feisty cartoon action with cheese dropping into view along the way. While you cannot always collect the cheese prizes, it's good to see them. Finding those mice is another task here, but overall, we think the game offers enough to earn a 9/10 score.

How often does the progressive jackpot drop?

It's hard to say as it only ever randomly triggers, and we do not know how that might happen. However, there are many other excellent prizes to find inside the paytable as well.

Play for some demo action first

This is ideal to give you more info about the game and to see it in action.

Will you Chase the Cheddar for real?

With a 20-cent bet opening the way for real bets in this game, we think it's a good price to cover over a thousand ways to win on each spin. There's no guarantee of prizes, of course, and this is a highly volatile game too.

Try the mobile version of Chase the Cheddar as well

Have you tried this on tablet or smartphone yet? We recommend you do - those bright colors and the clear design make it easy to play on those devices.