Sunshine Slots UK

One of the ways the Sunshine Slots brand has broadened its scope of online gaming is that we not only provide vital information to our US players, but we service the entire global community of players. Without exception, Sunshine Slots UK is one of our more prolific sites in that our friends in that part of the world have a great deal to cheer about.

Brands Come and Go, but Microgaming Remains King!

As you know, many of the online casino brands for UK players are some of the largest online. Without a doubt, Microgaming is one them. With more than 400 games in its portfolio, we believe that reviewing non-US casinos and the games they offer is just as important to our UK friends as it is to our US players. It is a daunting task, but one that we take seriously. Out of all the brands online today, Microgaming has reigned supreme in online gaming and it is to their credit that we strive to bring to our UK players every bit of insight we can offer to make their online playing experience an enjoyable one.

A New Year for Online Gaming

We believe that


will be even more exciting than ever. With new slot games emerging on a monthly basis, some of which are incredibly fun to play and offer even higher jackpots than ever before – Sunshine Slots is on the scene to bring you the very latest in slots, reviews of new online casinos, and all facets of online gaming we know our UK players will want to hear about. Whether you’ve never played online slots before or are one of our more experienced players, we will always have interesting and reliable information for you. Welcome to Sunshine Slots UK, and may your New Year be a safe, happy, and prosperous one!