Top Rated Online Casinos

Here at Sunshine Slots, we aim to shine a light on the best online casinos you can find online. The list grows every longer as we establish a series of reviews about all these casinos. However, we think there are some that shine brighter than the rest, and we’re going to highlight four of those below.

Lincoln Casino

If you love games hailing from Wager Gaming Technology, this is the casino to check out. They also have slots and games from Arrows Edge, so there is a growing collection of diverse titles and themes to check out. Don’t miss your chance to grab their welcome bonus, which proves to be the first among many you can secure.

Café Casino

If it’s important to be able to make crypto deposits, consider signing up at Café Casino. Kick off your shoes, grab a coffee, and see what you make of their crop of slots and casino games. You can also explore their bonuses, starting with their current welcome offer. It’s sure to give you more to play with when you get started.

Cherry Jackpot Casino

Look for the coupons area when you arrive at this casino because it is packed with more offers than the average casino can muster up. This means you’ve got the chance to find plenty of bonuses to pick up. You can start with their welcome offer, which currently is redeemable twice rather than just once. The ideal start, for sure.

Bovada Casino

No doubt you’ve heard of Bovada , but have you explored the latest games and bonuses on offer there? If you sign up, you’ll get access to the lot, with future bonuses looking just as promising as the first. A four-figure welcome offer starts you off, with games sitting in all areas of the casino, as you’d hope. Where will you begin – and will you find some new favorites to play?

Which casino is right for you?

We’ve got many other reviews and recommendations for you here, but we believe these four are indeed among the highlights in the online casino category just now.