The Psychology Behind Online Gambling: What Drives Players?

Have you ever chosen a bet and placed it on an online betting site? Did you spin the reels of a slot game, knowing there was a chance of winning a decent prize? If so, you’ll understand where we are going with this article. We decided to find out more to see why players continue to play.

What’s the deal with online gambling?

It’s much easier to bet on a favorite team, sport, or player online – and certainly much easier to play online casino games rather than heading out to find somewhere to play them.

That’s part of the reason the online betting market is so active. It’s more accessible to more people than ever before, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

What are players chasing?

Here’s the thing. Plenty of online slot games have jackpots to be won. Some might be progressive, which means they’ll carry on growing until someone wins them.

Everyone who plays those games knows the chances of being the winner are super small. Yet there is always a chance, and it is that chance that everyone plays for. I know that playing a progressive jackpot slot offering a top prize of over $1 million isn’t going to cause that prize to come my way. But it might, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy playing. It’s the same as buying a lottery ticket.

What else drives players to carry on?

Make no mistake – these games are designed to bring in profits for the casinos that offer them. So, while a slot game might return 96% of the 100% of funds received to players, the casino makes a 4% profit on that game.

It also means that while a few players might win far more than they wagered, most will likely lose everything they wager. They might win a little but play the game for longer with those funds.

But there is always the possibility that they might land one of the bigger prizes in the paytable – and it is that possibility, however slim, that keeps people playing. If the games are enjoyable, they provide ample entertainment as well.