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For slot players, the number one source for all slot information can be found at Sunshine Slots. What separates our brand from others is that we play every slot game so that we can provide you with full reviews and direct you to the best online casino where you will have access to the top slot games online.

The Best of Times

Last year was a year that brought many changes to the world of online slots. Several of our most popular casinos left the US market, while those brave of heart withstood the scrutiny of ambiguous regulations and remained steadfast in their commitment to their players. 2015 was the best of times and the worst of times, but through it all Sunshine Slots never wavered to provide you with the latest and best of online slots. Moreover, a new form of slot play became the norm rather than the exception in this technologically advanced medium.

Instant Play

Hand-held devices are now the new dominant force that allows players to access online slots. Many of our recommended casinos offer this feature which has become more popular than ever. While downloading casino versions is still available to online players, it is the Instant Play or Flash feature that has allowed more players to access their favorite online slots than ever before. Thus, Sunshine Slots has been at the forefront in providing you with the top US online casinos offering this feature. As of now, more than sixty slot games can be accessed at our online casinos ranging from 3-reel to progressive.

The Face of Slots

The slot games of today have advanced in size and scope. There are more bonus features, more interactive play features, and higher jackpots. At the same time, theme-based slots have surged in popularity covering a wide genre from movies to opera, from fruits to nuts, from undersea to ancient civilization, and from hit movies to hit game shows. Sunshine Slots reviews them all so that our players can choose among the best of the best.

Slot Play at Online Casinos

Sunshine Slots has also been meticulous in reviewing online casinos. We provide information on every aspect of the casino so that when you join, you know exactly what to expect. From the best online casinos to the mediocre, from US casinos to non-US casinos; Sunshine Slots has been focused entirely on what makes an online casino worthy of your membership. Our non-biased approach gives you the freedom to pick and choose among all the online casinos we review. This and more makes Sunshine Slots the number one source for all online casino data.

How to Find Out Which Online Casino Sites to Trust

It's easy enough to find plenty of different online casino sites to visit and to consider joining. It doesn't matter which country you live in, there will always be plenty of options.

But not all those sites are identical. Some are reputable and can be trusted while others cannot. How can you tell the difference?

We've got some advice that should help you ensure you always pick the best sites.

Look at their licenses and status

Don't assume a site is legit just because it carries the right badge or logo to represent its license. You should be able to select that icon and go through to the issuing authority. Sometimes, you can encounter a site whose license has expired. Always be wary of this and do follow up on the status of a casino's license. Don't leave it to chance.

Find out how long they have been around for

It is perfectly possible for a brand-new casino to be legit and good to join. However, if they do not have a track record to go by, you don't know whether they are going to be successful. You also cannot tell whether they will pay out without any issues.

It must be difficult for a new casino to become established, given the existing competition in the marketplace. However, for a player, we suggest sticking with casinos that have been around for a few years and that have already proven their worth.

Read online reviews as often as you can

You need a site you can trust to find these reviews on too, because it is possible a casino could write positive reviews and leave them around the place to garner more support. Very few would do it, but it is another possibility to be aware of.

Find one or two trusted review sites or casino-focused websites that regularly evaluate online casino sites to see which ones come out on top. If you put all this together, you can make sure you have enough information to go on before deciding where to sign up and play. There are enough online casino sites to choose from - finding the best one becomes even more important when trust is at stake.