5 Progressive Slots Tips: How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Let's start with a caveat - there is no tip that is guaranteed to help you scoop a jackpot on any game. However, there are a few things you can do to help nudge things a little further in your favor. Check these out below.

Choose progressive slots that provide a standard bet

What do we mean by this? Just that some progressive slots ask for a bigger wager to put you in the running to win one or more of the jackpots. We've seen games that include four progressives, for instance. You can bet a few cents to play the game without jackpot access. You then need to increase your bet between one and four times to play for between one and four of the jackpots… so it can get pricey. This won't happen if the jackpots are available to all.

Play the demo version first

We've spotted some progressive jackpot slot machines that do not provide demo versions. However, most do, and it's typically best to choose those as you can put them to the test first. You're not going to enjoy all of them, perhaps because of the theme or presentation or because of the bet amount or bonus features (or lack of). By trying them first, you can choose a game you're going to enjoy.

Check the jackpot amount before you play

Many progressive slots have seed amounts - that is, a base amount the jackpot returns to once it has been won. Choosing these makes sense as you'll be able to play for jackpot prizes that are a reasonable amount, even when they've not long been claimed.

Look for must-win jackpots that are close to the end time

There are several slots around now that include Must Win Jackpots. These have set times by which the total must be won. Of course, it could be won at any stage, but if you come across a game that's within hours of the end time, you should choose that to improve your odds a little.

Look for progressive jackpots where the prizes regularly drop

Notice we say prizes there; that's because some slots have two or more jackpots instead of only one. The more there are, even though some are smaller than others, the more chances there are of one of those jackpots dropping at any moment. Checking the track record of certain slots that catch your eye will help you understand how often they pay out the big prize.

Are you ready for some progressive jackpot slot play?

Make sure you go through the above tips and set a budget you are happy to lose should that be the outcome. All jackpot slots have many other smaller prizes too, so you will have a chance of getting one or more of those along the way.