The Evolution of Slot Machines: From Classic to Modern 3D Slots

Everyone is familiar with slot machines. You might have played some real ones in a casino or at another venue. Many people have tried online slots too. There is a world of development that has occurred since their earliest days, as we discover in this article. From a simple three-reel slot, who can say where they might go next?

What did the first slot machine look like?

The first machines started with three reels – a format we still see today. They had some familiar symbols landing as well, including diamonds and a golden bell. Those remain in some of the more traditional slots you can still play online today.

How did slot machines change over time?

As the mechanics of real slots changed and became more advanced, they were able to add more reels and features. Then came video slots, which changed the way these games worked. Now, we can spin the reels on the screen and access bonus rounds that brought a different element into play.

Beyond that, we were able to play slots on the internet as online casinos began to pop up. Today, the online casino marketplace is massive, and only looks set to get bigger still.

Online slots go places other slots cannot

Today, we have Megaways slots with ways to win – and thousands of them – rather than a few paylines. There are different reel sets too, such as ones with different quantities of icons per reel, giving diamond shapes or other possibilities.

Game creators are continually coming up with different slot formats and ideas too, as they delve into all manner of slot themes and areas. Now, you might find a slot game with a free spin round, plus one or more bonus features – some of which might take place on a different screen. Pick Me rounds, on-reels bonuses, and all manner of other possibilities might also appear.

It's no surprise to see that slot games have evolved since their earliest days. Few could have imagined how that might happen, but there is no doubt the journey was a thrilling one. It looks set to continue in the same way, too. We’re here for all the developments yet to come.