Celebrity Endorsements in Online Casinos: Boon or Bane?

What would you think if you checked out an online casino and found a famous face staring back at you? It can happen, and not always in the way you’d think.

Celebrity endorsements are a part of life. Many people recommend certain products or services, so it is perhaps little surprise to find this can occur in the casino arena too. We thought we’d check out a couple of examples to see how this works.

A direct casino recommendation

Bet365 has taken on the services of Samuel L Jackson to help promote its wares. Everyone knows who this guy is, right? He’s an accomplished actor, and therefore his face tells you something about the accomplishments of the site he’s promoting, albeit by association. It’s how branding and promotions work.

A slot game based on a famous individual or group

We say group because many slots of this type tend to revolve around pop stars or rock bands. You might have spotted the Guns ‘n’ Roses slot, for example. This is one of many slots of its type, supported by a soundtrack that makes excellent use of their back catalog of songs.

You’ll see other slots based on movie stars or even TV shows, such as Jurassic Park, Bridesmaids, and Hell’s Kitchen. These showcase one or more famous names, depending on the focus of the slot.

Do these people help or hinder gameplay and player attraction?

It depends on the individual association. Most players like seeing slots based around their favorite groups or movies, for example. The more controversial aspects tend to revolve around individuals and betting sites. However, in the best cases, there are strong reasons for this.

The best example must surely involve Ben Affleck. He’s known as an actor, sure, but he also knows his way around a deck of cards as a poker player. Choosing him to front a site known for its poker offering, then, is a smart move.

Whatever your opinion on celebrity endorsements of betting sites, it looks like an area that is set to continue. Watch for more games coming soon that might involve one or two other familiar faces…