Volcano Blast 10X Slots

How close would you get to a volcano, we wonder? Most people know they shouldn't go close to one in case the worst happens, but we've spotted a volcano we think you might be interested in. Check out this Volcano Blast 10x review to find out more.

Who created this slot game?

This is another dramatic slot to come from Rival Gaming.

Does this mean you've got a demo to load and play?

It does indeed, yes.

Does the theme involve a volcano, by any chance?

It does - you're getting good at this, aren't you? There are still many elements to discover though, so keep reading.

What did we make of the design?

This slot game looks cool, offering a hot and explosive volcano in the background, forest all around, and skies that look like they're filling with ash. There are exotic icons landing on the reels, and we'll get to those shortly.

How to play Volcano Blast 10x slots

This is a three-reel game, with three icons on each reel giving it a square appearance. You shouldn't expect any progressive jackpots though.

There is a wild to look for in this game, appearing as 10x. You can guess what the multiplier is in that case, right? Finding two of them boosts the multiplier to 100x, so that's probably not going to happen too often. There are no scatters anywhere.

What about lines to bet on?

There are only three lines in this game, so it's a simple one to get the hang of.

How much does it cost to play the game?

You can bet up to three coins on each of the three lines, using coins worth between one cent and five dollars each. This provides a lot of scope for choosing a reasonable wager you can afford.

Don't forget to read through the paytable before you begin

You'll get a better idea of how the game works if you do.

The game does not include a bonus round

We can confirm this having played it ourselves.

There are no free spins either

Sadly, no.

This game has a lower RTP than we'd like

It comes in at 94.47%, so you can see it is lower than the minimum desired value of 96%.

Our rating for Volcano Blast 10x

You can see where the 10x part comes from in the title, and we cannot fault the appearance of the game. It may get a little boring after a while, but for a brief stint, it does bring the drama to the reels. We're giving it 7/10.

What do you get for three wilds on a line?

That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but we don't think it's a joke to scoop 500 coins if you can line up three wilds on a paid line.

Play for some action and knowledge in the demo game

This is an ideal way to begin playing the game to see what you make of it.

Play for real once you've adjusted your wager

The game includes plenty of coin options, so you should find something to suit your budget if you decide to change over to the real thing.

Mobile gaming: Is it available?

Check the casino you would like to play at, but yes, you should be able to play Volcano Blast 10x like this if you want to.