Tiger's Luck Slots

Swaying bamboo, Chinese lanterns, and yes, some tigers… it’s clear we are heading to a particular part of the world to play the Tiger’s Luck slot game. The blurb from Betsoft reveals there are ancient legends involving tigers, so can we hope they might prove to be successful for us?

Reels and paylines for the Tiger’s Luck slot

There are five reels here, and with four icons landing on each, there is plenty of space to fit in 100 lines.

What are your betting options?

The cheapest wager is 20 cents, and that does cover all the lines. The maximum bet does go far higher, reaching $60 at most.

Three notable icons are worth watching for in Tiger’s Luck

The first of these is labeled as a wild symbol and is a beautiful swirling icon in red and blue. This is powerful enough to substitute for the golden bonus icon disc and the red collection bonus disc.

Get set for the chance to play a Hold and Win feature

These have become quite common now, but we have a chance to play another of them here. Finding six of the bonus icons (in either red or gold) will reveal the feature. Triggering bonus symbols lock, and you then have three respins to find more. Whenever this occurs, you lock the new symbols too and go back to three respins. Each symbol will present you with a value depending on your bet amount. You can check this in the paytable.

If you get a collection bonus icon, all prizes are collected and given to you at that point. This means new symbols can appear in their places, since those will disappear. As usual, the round finishes when you run out of room for more symbols, or you run out of respins.

Check out the demo for Tiger’s Luck first to see it in action

The game does include a purchase option for the Hold and Win feature. You can try this in the demo, as it doesn’t cost anything, but we would not suggest doing so for real. You can see how it works though, and get a feel for what you make of the Tiger’s Luck slot game from Betsoft.