Blue Rewards Card

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How many times have you had money deposited at one casino and wished you could transfer it over to a different one? If you have ever been in that situation, you'll want to know more about the Blue Rewards Card. Yes, it's blue, and it offers several features you should check out before you make any further online casino deposits. You might be glad you read this article.

What is the Blue Rewards Card or BRC?

This card is a virtual card you can use to withdraw funds held at one casino to deposit onto the card. You can then take those funds and deposit them at another casino within the group. This is far quicker than making a withdrawal back to any payment method you can think of. It's also quicker to transfer the cash into the other casino, as you'd usually need to go through a more involved deposit process to complete the transaction if you wanted to.

You've also got the advantage of not paying any fees to do this. The Blue Rewards Card acts as a go-between, providing you with a quick method for moving your funds from one casino to another. If you're used to paying fees to withdraw funds or to deposit them, you'll find the Blue Rewards Card to be a refreshing alternative. And you don't need to pay to receive the card either.

Which casinos welcome the Blue Rewards Card?

There are currently six online casinos partnering with the card to let their players move funds from one to another. If you play at Casino Max, Roaring 21, Slots Ninja, Slotsroom , Spinfinity, or Cherry Jackpot, you're well placed to grab your free BRC in case you fancy moving funds in the future.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions on the official website for the Blue Rewards Card, so you are aware of how it works and what to expect when you use it. You must be aged at least 21 years, and you should note that you cannot use the card to withdraw any funds to your own bank account or other payment method.

But if you want to withdraw winnings from one of the above casinos to send to your account at one of the others, you're good to go.