Slots Ninja Casino

Slots Ninja Casino certainly launches with a memorable name. The inclusion of a tiny ninja figure with a playing card in his red headband and three slot reels around a sash helps to present a powerful image too. However, the best casinos offer a solid platform to operate on, with a range of services and offers to check out. We decided to visit Slots Ninja Casino to explore the offering and to report back on it here for you.

Available software at Slots Ninja

The casino has begun with some nifty moves, bringing Spin Logic Gaming into action. You can therefore explore their whole suite of games in all categories.

What's the casino lobby like to use?

It's excellent, with a variety of game categories to look through. They've kept the categories to a minimum, providing you with a search box if there is something specific that you're after.

Is it straightforward to sign up to Slots Ninja Casino?

Yes, although you should explore further first, and read the remainder of this review, of course. You should find an easy signup link on most pages at the casino.

Signup restrictions to consider before joining this casino

All casinos have their own limitations, and this one follows the same path. Make sure you read the terms and conditions to find out whether you can play there. We live in a prohibited country, and we can still access the site and even try some of their demo games. This proves that accessing everything doesn't automatically mean you'd be welcome as a paid player. You cannot sign up if you live in Australia or the UK. However, there is better news for those in the USA and those from Canada. The age limit at Slots Ninja Casino is higher than you might expect, set at 21 in this case.

Should you expect to find lots of games at Slots Ninja?

You should, yes - all you need to do is to follow the games link to reach the lobby. You're then able to see all the categories and to go through to any of them that you wish to explore further.

Slots Ninja has lots of slots, wouldn't you guess!

Any casino using the word slots somewhere in the title isn't going to disappoint on that count. We spotted lots of slots at this casino, and you can search for them by choosing how many reels you'd like to play with. They have subcategories for three, five, and six reels, with another for slots with bonus rounds.

Does the casino have plenty of free games to try?

Yes, there are demos available, so you should see this option alongside the real version whenever you see a game. Make sure you know which option you've chosen before you make any bets.

How expensive is it to play the real casino games?

The answer depends on the game title. Some are penny slots, sure, but others require much bigger bets. Even then, most of their casino games have a series of coins you can sort through, providing you with plenty of options to think about long before you place any real bets.

Introducing their newest slot games

With Spin Logic software in play at this casino, you can be sure of finding at least one new slot landing each month. They also give you a new games area, which means you've got a quick route to spotting the latest additions at Slots Ninja Casino.

Promotions on offer in huge quantities whenever you visit

You might be able to see some deals for this casino appearing via other websites, but there's no doubt Slots Ninja itself can provide you with lots to look through. Don't sign up until you've searched for a welcome bonus and maybe even a no deposit bonus offer, as well.

No available tournaments just yet

This might change, as we know it has at other casinos, but for now, Slots Ninja Casino doesn't have any tournaments lined up for players to take part in.

A few fortunate winners appear on the landing page

This occurs before you go through to the instant play casino. Four names appeared there - first names only - along with the amounts each person won. There's no sign of the game they were playing at the time though.

Rewards aren't mentioned on their website

We explored the menus to see whether they offered any details of a VIP program or comp point program but found nothing on those topics.

Is the casino mobile friendly?

It is, yes, and you won't need an app to reach it either. The website displays according to the device you're visiting it on, so Android and iOS users won't have any difficulties playing there.

You can play demo games without registering for an account

Yep, this is the next bit of good news to discover about Slots Ninja Casino. There's no need to go to the bother of setting up an account unless you've seen enough to warrant this. And it includes being able to try some of their games beforehand.

Instant play all day at Slots Ninja

You might already have worked out that there are no downloads at this casino. This means you'll load the games in your browser and play them there.

Can you sign up as an affiliate for Slots Ninja Casino?

You can, yes, and the information is provided via a link on their website. This takes you to Legend Affiliates for further details.

Can you also make wagers on sporting events?

No, Slots Ninja doesn't provide access to a sportsbook or any similar features.

They don't offer a forum or any blog posts either

There's little else we can tell you on this topic.

You won't meet any real dealers at Slots Ninja

Despite the name relating to slot games, there are a few other game types at this casino. These include table games, but none that require real dealers to get involved.

Depositing into your account at this casino

Slots Ninja has developed one of the clearest banking pages we have ever seen. There is a chart containing all the available deposit methods, including cards, online methods, and several virtual currencies.

Find out how to make a withdrawal on the same page

Yep - scroll down a little and you will see a smaller chart covering the three available ways to request a withdrawal. Most notably, two of those methods do ask for a fee, whereas the third - Bitcoin - does not.

So, Bitcoin is the best way to deposit and withdraw at Slots Ninja?

We believe so, yes. There's no fee for withdrawals for starters, and if you check their promotions area, you'll also find some coupons connected to depositing with this method.

There's plenty of help coming your way at this casino

We noticed how useful many pages of the casino website were as we looked around. They really do provide a lot of detail on everything. Moreover, there's an FAQ section to read and live chat if you get stuck.