Klondike Gold Slots

The name Klondike got famous thanks to the Gold Rush that occurred in the Yukon in Canada. While that occurred a long time ago now, it still inspires stories, movies, and yes, even online slot games. So, come with us as we take you through the features and highlights you can expect when you check out the Klondike Gold slot game today.

Who is the developer?

This one comes from Rival Gaming.

Does it come with a demo to try first?

Yes, Rival is reliable at offering such features, so you can bet there is a chance to load the demo version first if you are new to the game.

Can we tell you any more about the theme?

It's all about that Gold Rush, of course, and you can expect to find plenty of relevant symbols on the reels because of it. When we played this game, it soon became a favorite example of a themed slot on this topic.

Find out more about the design

The game features the mountains beyond the reels (you can see through those), along with a wooden bridge and trees either side of a river. It sets the scene and is one of the more attractive games we have seen crop up from this developer of late.

How to play Klondike Gold slots

This is slightly larger than you might expect, offering four symbols on each of five reels. The game doesn't include a progressive jackpot prize.

There is a wild gold prospector in the game, and he can be a standard wild or appear with a 2x or a 3x multiplier. He replaces everything else with a few exceptions. The scattered gold pan is the first exception, while the second is the golden lynx symbol. This only appears during the free games and only then if you have enabled the Collect 'n' Win feature.

Does the game use paylines?

The paytable does refer to playable lines, but it offers 1,024 of those, confirming that the 5 x 4 format includes all possible lines to play on.

How to bet on the game

The game allows you to bet from one to 10 coins on each spin. Each coin can be worth a minimum of 40 cents, which allows you to cover all the available winning ways in the game. So, while 40 cents would be the minimum with one coin, the biggest bet is $10. You can then bet up to 10 times the $10 coin bet to get a higher wager.

If you select the Collect 'n' Win feature, you'll add a further 50% of your chosen bet to reach the total bet. Remember that this feature only activates during free games. It would make the spin bet a minimum of 60 cents per play whether you reach those spins or not.

Make sure you read through the paytable

It will tell you a lot about the game and how it all works.

Bonus features in Klondike Gold slots

There is a feature of sorts, and it appears during the free spins feature… but only if you decide to activate the Collect 'n' Win element before you begin.

Can you pan around for some free spins?

Gold prospectors used their panning skills to see if they could come up with any gold nuggets. However, in this case, you need to look around for three gold pans to find some free spins. There will be eight freebies to play if you get those. Find four or five gold pans and the rewards are greater, as you receive either 15 or 20 spins, respectively.

If you are playing with the Collect 'n' Win feature in play, you must collect all the Golden Lynx icons that can appear on the reels. Collecting four, seven, 13, and 15 of them will act as stages within the spins. When you reach each stage, one of the four main icons will change into the top-paying regular lynx symbol for the rest of the spins. This can dramatically change the way the games play out, potentially for the better.

The game does reveal the likely RTP value

The paytable confirms the expected payback over the life of the game to come out at around 95.12%.

Our rating for the Klondike Gold slot game

Should we pan this one or give it a star rating to be proud of? There's no chance that we'll be panning this - it's certainly an 8/10 slot game thanks to the twists and turns and the beautiful graphics that accompany it.

Watch out for wild multipliers to boost your prize amounts

Finding the prospector does provide you with the prospect of a wild multiplier. He doesn't always appear with this value, but if the 3x multiplier turns up, you can get three times the usual value for any prize it forms part of.

Demo play will help you work out your budget for this one

Remember that the Collect 'n' Win feature does require you to bet more on each spin. Problem is, you'll only activate that feature by reaching the free games. So, you need to think about how far your budget can go with this game, and the way to do that is by playing the demo for a while first.

Play for real if you like the sound of this one

And of course, you'll have experimented with the demo first, right?

Play on mobile too if you're in the mood

Imagine how much faster word would have got around about the gold hunting if we'd had mobiles back then. At least today, you can play this game on Android or iOS as you wish.