How to Win at the Casino with $20

How would you use $20 to play casino games for a chance of winning real prizes? It's a question you ought to know the answer to because there is a lot to think about. If you just drop some coins on a game without thinking about it first, you might just end up with no prizes and no cash left.

Of course, you must first determine that you have $20 available to spend on casino games. There are no guarantees that you'll ever end up winning anything while playing casino games, no matter the odds or the other circumstances involved. So, work with $20 you can easily lose and wouldn't be affected by if things didn't go your way.

Now that's out of the way, let's focus on what you can do to maximize your chances of winning while betting with those twenty dollars.

Know your RTP for every game

Hang on, what does RTP mean? You should know the answer because it relates to every slot game - and indeed every casino game - around. It stands for return to player and it represents the percentage of money paid into the game that goes back to the player. However, you must understand that the figure applies to the total take over the life of the game. If you won a big prize on your first spin, you'd obviously get a huge return on your spin cost. However, if you lost the first few spins, you'd be nowhere near the RTP that way either.

Make sure you remember that this is a guide rather than something that applies to each session you play. Overall, though, you should look for slot games with a high RTP of at least 96% - and the higher the better.

Can you claim a bonus to play with too?

Most casinos offer bonuses, so if you're intending to deposit $20 to play slots with, check out the latest bonus offers before you do so. You might be able to claim a bonus on top of that deposit. Typical bonuses include free spins - ideal if you're playing slots anyway - or a percentage bonus on the deposit.

Before claiming any bonuses from a casino, make sure you read all the terms attached to them. You should also know whether the bonus has any wagering requirements. The best to go for is a no wager bonus, although they tend to be quite rare. If there are wagering requirements, make sure they are as low as possible.

Look for slots with a low minimum wager

Penny slots are perfect as they'll always provide you with more spins for your money. The longer you can play a slot for, the more opportunities you'll have to pick up some prizes. Of course, anything won will result in smaller prizes, but having more chances to win is the best thing.

Make sure you can cover all available paylines

Whichever slot game you pick, you need to be sure you can cover all the available paylines. Even though you can play slots with lots of lines and deselect some of them, there is nothing worse than landing a prize on one of those lines. You won't receive it if you didn't bet on it.

We think it makes more sense to choose slots offering a manageable quantity of lines. This might mean only one, but it could mean more. There are games with 10, 20, 25, 30, or more lines, so do your sums and see how much each spin might cost. It makes sense to get the most out of your budget as you can.

Plan for when you'll stop

If you're playing with $20, you might decide to keep going if you've still got cash to play with. This would include cash won by playing the game. However, you might also decide to play for a while and reserve the balance for another game. You might want to set a limit on prizes too - if you do win something big, resolve to stop and cash out then to preserve that prize.

Try some demo slots first before you make your choice

This is the best way to proceed because you can simply test some slots before picking the ones you want to play. With a small $20 budget, you might fare best choosing just one game to play. By trying a few first, you can make sure you pick one you're happy with.

Remember that enjoyment is always the most important element to go for. We all want to win prizes while playing online slots, but that's not guaranteed. You should go into a game expecting to lose, then if you do get some prizes, it's a great experience. And if you choose a favorite game to play, you'll always be sure you'll enjoy the process, whatever happens.