How Do No-Sweat Bets Work

When you visit a sportsbook for the first time, you'll often spot a deal available for new players to claim when they sign up. This usually involves some sort of free bet, but the nature of the bet or offer depends on the site and the stance it takes.

We decided to check out the prospect of a no-sweat bet at FanDuel, to see whether it's worth looking at in more detail.

What is a no-sweat bet?

You've heard someone saying 'no sweat' in the past, right? This bet works on that same idea. No sweat means it's no hassle or something that's easy to do. So, when it comes to a no-sweat bet, it refers to a bet you'll receive when you sign up. There could also be further opportunities to pick up a similar bet once you've joined. You'll need to check the available promotions to see whether anything else is available.

Why do they call it a no-sweat bet and not a risk-free bet?

If you've visited FanDuel in the past, you might recall that the risk-free terminology used to be attached to the welcome offer for the sportsbook. They switched that out for the no-sweat name because no deal is completely without risk.

The deal itself is identical though. If you make a deposit and bet that amount on a wager, you'll either win or lose the bet. If you win, all is good and you can celebrate your winnings. If you lose, you'll receive one or more free wagers to the value of the bet you made. Of course, you could lose those bets too, hence why the risk-free name wasn't correct.

Make sure you read the rules for the offer before claiming it

Remember this is for newcomers to FanDuel, so this must be your first time opening an account for you to qualify. Check the small print to be sure you understand how it works, too. The details in the small print may vary depending on which US state you're in as well. FanDuel only operates in those states that allow legalized online sports betting, so bear that in mind.

The small print states that your first real bet will receive a refund in free bets if it loses. There are restrictions on this, and you can read them at FanDuel. You also have 14 days in which to use the free bet(s).

This is a great way to get underway at FanDuel Sportsbook

Remember to choose your state when you sign up for your free account at FanDuel. You can then make a deposit of up to $1,000 and see where that first bet takes you. The no-sweat bet offer is certainly a promising way to start your time at this sportsbook.