Sun Palace Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Sun Palace Casino uses a sun as part of the memorable logo, and we intend to shine a light on its efforts in the promotional area too. They offer a promotions page in the menu at the top of the site, so it only takes a quick hop to reach it. You do also get details of its welcome deal when you arrive, so it's clear from the start that the site offers a lot of potential.

Merlin's Riches: Our top slot pick at Sun Palace Casino

Merlin is famous, of course, as is the tale of King Arthur, and you can experience some of that magic in this recent game from the developer, Spin Logic Gaming. We've chosen this game because it offers free spin potential along with a separate bonus game. The latter offers a maximum prize of 500x your triggering bet.

Secret no deposit bonus codes: Can you find some for Sun Palace?

A no deposit bonus is the best deal you can claim for any casino, although you should always read the terms before you claim one. Sun Palace does offer the occasional chance of a free trial for the site, but this is done via coupons released elsewhere online. You won't find a deal like this at the casino itself, although we may be able to cut your search time by providing you with an offer below.

How to spot a bonus coupon to use at Sun Palace Casino

Always read through all the details on offer. Sun Palace does have a series of coupon-style promotions that give you all the relevant details inside the same panel. This means you can easily spot what you need to know about each offer, making it simpler to find and use the appropriate bonus code to unlock each one. Apply that same logic to searching for bonuses on other sites too - including right here with us - and you'll easily find the info you need to use.

Are there other bonus types to look for?

Yes, all casinos create a range of bonuses for their players to use. They tend to fall into two broad groups - those for newcomers and those intended for established players to use. So, make sure you go for the new bonuses first, as this is the only chance you'll get to use them. Once you have exhausted those options, you can explore all the regular bonuses intended for existing players at Sun Palace Casino. You're then able to get into the habit of searching for those whenever you arrive at the casino to make another deposit. It's the best way to make sure you never miss a deal.

Don't miss the message about Bitcoin bonuses

If you head to the bottom of the Sun Palace website, you'll see their logo on the left side of the page. Underneath that, there is a message confirming the possibility of 20% cash back each week for Bitcoin deposits and reimbursement of fees while using that method. This is 20% in addition to other possible cashback and promo options, so keep an eye on that. It looks like you may need to contact them via live chat to ask about it. You might also want to check the potential for other bonuses if you choose to use a different deposit method, just in case anything crops up.