How To Withdraw Money From Bovada

Being a member of Bovada gives you access to the best casino action, not to mention access to the sportsbook and to live betting among other services. Hopefully, there will come a time when you can make a withdrawal. There's nothing better than scooping a good return on a sports wager or getting some good fortune while playing casino games, right? So, with that in mind, let's see how straightforward it is to make a withdrawal at Bovada.

Access your account and look for the person logo

This turns up at the top of the page once you're logged in, and it leads you into the page where you can either deposit funds or withdraw them. Once there, you can hit the withdraw button and decide how you would like to receive your funds. The options are presented to you to choose from, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, a check, wire transfer, or voucher. The latter is a new service giving you the chance to request a voucher to send to someone else, so that's only ideal if you don't want to receive the money for your own use.

How much do you want to withdraw?

Enter the amount, bearing in mind any minimum or maximum amounts for that service, and check that you do not need to enter any other details. Make sure you know about any fees prior to doing so as well. It's useful to read up on all the withdrawal info for each method before you do this. You then need to hit the request withdrawal button. This triggers a text to be sent to you including a verification code. Use this code to complete the process. Each withdrawal includes a unique reference number, so make a note of that before leaving the screen. The team will review your request - usually inside 48 hours - and you'll then get more details. Completion times vary according to the method selected to receive your money.