Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots

Do fire and ice mix? Or to be more accurate, can something be both icy and hot? We wanted to know for sure, and we can say that the Icy Hot Multi-Game slot does confirm this feature in the title. Check out some more facts coming in now about the game.

Should you expect lots of reels and paylines?

You can see two 3 x 3 reel sets in action when you load the game - one that's Icy and the that's Hot. There are 10 paylines in play as well.

Check your betting options for Icy Hot Multi-Game slots

You'll find the betting controls underneath the reels, so check those first and decide what you'd like to bet for the next spin.

Does the game include any special icons?

Watch for the multicolored W to turn up on the reels, as this is wild. It's also got the power to show up in stacks. The game also has a multicolored wheel icon that comes in handy… Elsewhere, there's a FREE GAMES logo that is cool to find on the reels.

Stay alert for some Transferring Wilds

Here's where things get more intriguing. Whenever you get one or more wilds appearing on either the Icy or Hot set of reels, they'll transfer to the same space on the other set of reels too.

If you find three of the bonus wheels landing on the reels, you'll go through to the wheel itself. Give it a spin to learn what your prize might be. There are various amounts available, including the game's jackpot. You might even get an extra spin on the bonus wheel if you land on the right segment.

And finally, the FREE GAMES logo can unlock those very games for you to play. A screenshot we spotted offered 24 freebies, so there is some excellent potential in the game.

Will the Icy Hot Multi-Game slot fire up some prizes for you?

You can try the demo first, but we doubt it will be long before you decide to check out the real thing. Be ready to spin the two sets of reels for a game you'll want to explore further.