72 Fortunes Slots

72 Fortunes Slots

72 Fortunes… it's a title that certainly gets your attention. What does it offer by way of reels, prizes, and paylines though? That's what we are hoping to find out here.

Reels and paylines for the 72 Fortunes slot game

The format looks surprising here, as there are three main reels with a fourth set just to the side of those on the right. We were surprised to note just one payline in action, across the middle of the reels.

Betting options remain on the low side

You can wager as little as three cents per spin on this game, so it's ideal for lower budget players. Meanwhile, the highest wager goes far higher, reaching $90 at most.

Are there any special icons appearing in 72 Fortunes?

There are no wilds or scatters, but you've got the chance to spot three different symbols on the fourth reel that can influence the outcome of the spin. Each has a message on it, saying Instant Win, Multiplier Bonus, or Respin. We'll go into those in detail below.

What can you trigger on that fourth reel?

That's where the action can occur, as you stand a chance of landing an icon there that will trigger a feature. The Instant Win symbol brings you either 8x or 18x your bet if it lands.

Meanwhile, the Multiplier Bonus offers one of three multipliers (2x, 5x, or 8x) to your prize on the payline for that spin.

Finally, there is a Respin Bonus. If you land this symbol, you will get a guaranteed prize on the reels. This receives a multiplier of between 1x and 4x. If you get another Respin Bonus symbol, the process continues… for up to five respins if you land the symbol again.

Get set to play 72 Fortunes from Betsoft

A new game from Betsoft is always a delight, and this effort takes us away from the usual and more involved five-reel games. However, it offers that fourth reel to make things more interesting, since you can trigger one of three bonus elements from there. Check out the demo and you can see it in action before you choose to play for real.