Incognito Poker

Have you heard of Incognito Poker? It'll help to think about the meaning of incognito to start with. It refers to keeping your identity a secret, so you can guess how this might relate to online poker.

Ignition Casino now provides you with the opportunity to try anonymous play. This means they have anonymous tables, so no one can check out what you've played before by exploring your playing history. This puts everyone on the same level rather than giving those who do their research an edge.

There's no chance of using tracking software either

Did you know some players do this? Sites offering heads-up displays give players in the know an advantage. They've got the chance to use their skills - and we're not talking about poker skills - to get an advantage over other players in the game.

Ignition Casino aims to give everyone a fair chance to win at poker by providing anonymous tables. You'll get a number when you take your seat at a table, so no one will know your username, and no one can use that knowledge to figure out your tendencies when you play. It's sounding much better already, isn't it?

You'll always be new when you play on anonymous tables at Ignition

When you play poker on a site for the first time, you'll have no profile, no history, and nothing that might give any other player a hint of how you might play. Of course, over time, that advantage disappears. Unless you choose to head over to Ignition Casino to try their Incognito Poker offering, of course.

You can read more about strategies and how anonymity can help during poker tournaments by visiting their site today.

Is it time to try going incognito with some Ignition poker?

If you're keen to sign up to an online poker site, this one could be the ideal choice for you. Ignition Casino also provides plenty of casino action, of course, so you can get far more than just poker potential when you decide to sign up. Visit today to learn more about going incognito.