Cashablanca Slots

Cashablanca Slots

How could it have taken this long to come up with this great title? Cashablanca is obviously a twist on the Casablanca movie title, and we can tell you that you’ll be impressed to see the game itself in action. It has quite the look to it, so if you’re keen on digging into some action, let’s take you through the review here to lay out the facts.

Is this a big game to play?

It’s only three reels wide, so no… but it does adopt a 3 x 3 format. The lines are harder to nail down, but they’re revealed in the paytable, giving you five to play.

This doesn’t rank as a penny slot

No, you need at least five cents per line here, so the minimum total bet is a quarter, as the lines are fixed. You can play up to $15 per spin.

Don’t miss these special icons in the Cashablanca slot game

Watch for the game logo to turn up because this is a wild symbol. It replaces everything except for the scatter, which looks like a wheel with multicolored segments on it.

Does Cashablanca include any bonus features?

It does, yes. As you might have guessed, you need to land three bonus scatters to access this round. The multicolored wheel then appears on screen, and you get to spin it. You might pick up an instant prize, but there are other segments available that offer some free spins. If you get those, you’ll play them once the wheel disappears.

What did we make of the Cashablanca slot game?

It’s small, although the reels take up plenty of the screen. You get the usual mix of bar symbols, but you will see they’ve been given a stunning makeover in keeping with the theme. That’s the Forties, in case you hadn’t figured it out.

Cashablanca is certainly one of the more appealing slots to come from Rival of late. It looked beautiful and we soon forgot that we were playing a three-reel game. That’s one of the best parts, but we are sure you will find other reasons to check it out.