April Fury And The Chamber Of Scarabs Slots

There she is, April Fury - standing to the side of the reels and clearly inside a chamber of some kind. She's holding a flaming torch and looking startled, so we guess there's plenty happening in this game. Shall we find out whether that's the case?

Reels and paylines for April Fury and the Chamber of Scarabs

Expect five reels to appear as you load the title, along with four icons per reel. The paylines only reveal themselves once you're inside the paytable, where 20 are illustrated for you.

Does this mean we have a 20-cent minimum for betting?

It does - they've fixed the lines to give this as a minimum, with other values heading to the maximum of $100.

Did we just spot a scarab beetle scuttle past?

The beetle does make an appearance on a gold coin, acting as the bonus symbol. More on that in a moment. There is a gold key in the game too, and this is a scatter symbol. There's a wild as well, and this appears as an Egyptian head of some sort, looking like an idol. This can replace everything apart from the two symbols mentioned above.

Are there any bonuses to unlock in this game?

Yes. Firstly, you've got some free games, unlocked - appropriately - by the key. Three, four, or five of those will provide you with five, seven, or nine spins, respectively.

You can also trigger the Hold and Win bonus round from within those games or from the base game. In either case, you need to land six or more bonus coins to get there. Those are held, with three respins to come. Whenever one or more new bonus coins is revealed, you get three respins to start with once again. Each bonus icon holds a value, so by the end of the round, you'll get your total prize. Hopefully, you'll manage to get a coin in every position, but if not, you'll at least have the six you started with.

Check out April Fury and the Chamber of Scarabs today

There's plenty to check out if you enter this chamber, with April watching on from the side of the reels. What will you find within?