Best Casino Games to Play in Australia

When you visit an online casino available to players living in Australia, you can expect to spot a crop of games that are ready to play. Some of those games tend to be more common and more popular, of course, so which of them tend to be most famous and most loved among players?


Yes, these had to be top of our list, as they're plentiful and popular across the country. Australians do love their pokies, and while the name is thought to derive from poker machines, it is now used to refer to the slot games. These come in all sizes, from the simple one-armed bandit games to those that offer multiple reels and features.


This game comes in many guises. You might want to start with the video poker machines, as these are easier to get the hang of and act as a mix of poker and pokies. Next up, there are several versions of real poker, either as computer games in the casino or with real dealers if your favorite site has a live casino area to visit.


Everyone knows what a roulette wheel looks like. You can expect several game versions to check out if you want to play some, from European roulette to American roulette. Try the standard games before looking for a live casino version as this makes it easier to check out the rules and get a feel for it.


Can you make it to the magic 21? Even if you cannot manage that, you can try and get closer to it than the dealer does, but you must not go over that amount. If you do, you'll go bust and that means you lose the hand.

How many other casino games can you expect to see in Australian online casinos?

Plenty - in fact, you can expect to find some craps, baccarat, and maybe even some bingo or other casual games. A lot depends on the casino you choose to visit. If variety is essential to you, it's best to check out the casino lobby when you first arrive (after making sure the casino does provide games to people in your part of Australia). Once you've done that, you can see whether there are any alternative games to play whenever you want a change from your favorites.