Play by the First Light: Sunrise Slots Casino Bonus Codes Unraveled

Sunrise Slots Casino has a sunny color scheme to tempt you with, and it certainly brightens things up. It's a breeze to find new games to play, but it would be smart to spend some time looking for bonus coupons first. We have a few thoughts about that below.

Our favorite slot at Sunrise Slots: Sweet Shop Collect

Anything that involves candy is good by us, right? We bet you feel the same, and the logo for this game is tempting enough. Fixed at 25 lines over five reels, you'll enjoy spotting and matching candies on shelves in this game. The W for wild can produce prizes worth up to 2,000x your bet, while it also replaces all but the scattered logo. Expect other features to pop up as well.

Can you start with a no deposit bonus?

You can surely look for one at Sunrise Slots, and then check back here if you don't come up with anything you want to use. Our aim is to provide the biggest collection of bonus codes for this casino, so if you look through the current no deposit bonus on Sunrise Slots, you might spot what you are searching for.

How do you get a bonus code you can use at Sunrise Slots Casino?

Well, you can pick up a code on the website or find one below, as we've already explained. There are numerous other ways to find offers too, but since we visit many of the online hidey holes for those, you're in an excellent position to find them all here whenever you check out our list.

How many bonus types can you find to use at Sunrise Slots?

The number is always changing, since the deals will change throughout the year. You might spot some seasonal offers, for instance, and those can change with the seasons or pick up on certain events or occasions.

Bitcoin bonus codes too?

It's possible because we did notice the Bitcoin and Litecoin logos provided alongside card methods at Sunrise Slots. Be sure to look for any bonuses relating to certain methods, as you can use one of those to enhance the amount you add to your account. We'll keep you apprised of any updates on that score.