Joker City Slots

It's no surprise to find a cityscape on offer as the backdrop to the Joker City slot game. The crucial element here is knowing what else you might find on the reels if you decide to give it a try. It does provide players with a practice version along with the real one, so you can test it once you've read our review.

The game uses a familiar format

There are five reels in play and 10 lines, although the lines don't become clear until you read through the paytable and see their positioning in there.

How much does it cost to play Joker City slots?

You can bet from one penny per line, giving you a 10-cent wager overall. The biggest bet is $15 all told, which means $1.50 per line.

Are there any special icons to watch out for in Joker City slots?

Yes, and it probably won't surprise you to know the wild symbol is a joker, albeit a more modern version. He's tall too, occupying all three reel positions. If he lands only partially on a reel, he has the power to nudge it until he appears in all his glory. He can also substitute everything else in the game.

Bonus rounds to note when you play this game

The game offers you the chance to score 10 free spins. To do this, you need three wild reels to land at the same time. Each of those reels will become an Extravaganza reel, which means that they each adopt a 2x multiplier before your freebies begin.

The wild reels are in action in the free games too, and if one lands on an Extravaganza reel, it adds 1x to its existing multiplier value. If you win a prize involving that reel, the new multiplier is used to calculate it. If you want more freebies, you need to return to the base game to win them from there.

Joker City is open for business

With classic symbols cropping up over the reels, there is a lot to check out before you play the game. It looks cool, but once you add those features and highlights, we think you'll be glad you discovered the slot game and gave it a go. And remember it does have a practice version you can check out first.