Four Mighty Beasts Slots

Four Mighty Beasts Slots

We have few clues to the identity of the four beasts in the title of this game - the Four Mighty Beasts we are faced with. However, we'll soon know more as we have played the game and intend to bring you plenty of details about it below. If you're curious to play, hang on for a moment and read what we have to say about it here first.

Who is the developer of Four Mighty Beasts?

Who was inspired to bring the beasts into play? Dragon Gaming, which turns out to be something of a prophetic name.

Demo access provided

We were glad to find an accessible demo version to play, as it does let you learn plenty more about the slot game.

Does this include a beastly theme?

It does, yes, and it clearly takes us into Oriental territory. You'll notice Chinese symbols and, of course, the beasts themselves appearing throughout the game.

How does the game fare in terms of the design?

It's stunning to look at, especially regarding the beasts that appear in the game. We said Dragon Gaming was prophetic, and there is indeed a dragon in the game. You can also expect to see a bird, a tiger, and a tortoise along the way. The background doesn't offer much detail, but it looks as if there is a lot of cloud floating past, so you do get hints of an outdoor setting.

Let's cover the basics for Four Mighty Beasts

Expect five reels and no jackpots in this game. The wild appears as a yin yang icon, while the scatter is a flaming lotus flower - or at least that's what we reckon. It looks cool anyway, offering the word bonus across it to hint at another role beyond scatter prizes.

The wild doesn't replace the scatter, and it doesn't appear during any free spins. However, there is a reason for that, as you'll soon see.

What about paylines?

You don't get any in this game - instead they give you all the ways you can get prizes, which for a 5 x 3 format is 243.

Available bets to consider

Ways to win means you need one bet per spin. The lowest one is 20 cents, which we think is fine, and the highest one reaches $40.

The paytable is easy to reach if you know how

It's hidden behind the house symbol over to the left of the control panel under the game. You'll then see a menu and the info button inside there reveals the paytable.

Bonus features in Four Mighty Beasts

There are no real bonus rounds here, but you'll find plenty to appreciate if you can get through to the free spin round. More about that in a second, but we should let you know about the possible respin feature included with the game. This involves extra payments, so if you want to respin a reel after a spin, you can do so - but only for the price shown. Most players probably won't use this feature, but it's there if you want to consider it.

Free spins four ways

Find three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and you're into the free spins round. Before you get there though, you'll see four beasts on the screen… and the game randomly picks one. The chosen beast then appears as a special wild, and the regular wild doesn't come into play.

If you get the tiger wild, it'll land in two random positions prior to your first free spin. It then jumps to other positions as the spins continue. The tortoise wild is an expanding wild, working in the usual way, landing on any of the reels except for the first one.

Next up is the vermilion bird, which acts as a sticky wild. Whenever it turns up, it stays put for two spins. Finally, the dragon wild is a giant wild, covering all positions on reels two, three, and four when it appears. That's our favorite for sure.

RTP information for the Four Mighty Beasts slot game

This game pans out at 96% according to the game information we have, and that hits the minimum preferred value.

How did we rate this slot game?

This is a cool one and certainly offers a bigger experience thanks to the potential to play through four versions of the free spin feature. It might take a while to be able to experience them all, of course, but it's good to know they're there if you do want to settle in for a longer stint. This is a 9 out of 10 game in our eyes.

Which icons hold the most promise for potential winners?

The four beasts of the title lead to the biggest prizes, and of course, the dragon is the best of them all. We suspect you can net more if you reach the free spin feature, depending on how your wild beast performs.

Demo action is the best way to begin

The game has some excellent features to offer, as we've seen, and you can learn more about them via the practice version of Four Mighty Beasts.

Will you change to the real version of Four Mighty Beasts?

Once you've given the demo a try, you'll know for sure whether this is ideal for you to play for real.

Play on Android and iOS as well

The game is cool to play on a computer, but you can also pick up your preferred tablet or smartphone to try it.