Persian Treasures Slots

What kinds of Persian Treasures might you uncover if you dare venture into the slot game of that name? Could there be some impressive prizes available on the reels? We are here to see what we can uncover as we go in search of some answers. This is a highly volatile slot game, but is it one you might be prepared to play? Don't go in without discovering all the facts about it right here.

Who came up with this idea?

The slot game comes from the RTG team, so it already has an excellent pedigree.

You can grab a slice of demo action to begin with

The game offers plenty of potential, as we already know from the title alone, and we can look for more clues to what might be involved by testing the demo.

The theme is obvious enough thanks to the title

Persia isn't one of the more popular slot game destinations, so it is great to see it represented here. Moreover, we have treasures to look for, and that at least is a hugely popular element in many slot games.

Persian Treasures makes the best of its design

It really does, as the floor in what looks like a temple is littered with gold coins. There are statues, fires lit in pits, and plenty of detail wherever you look.

Let's play Persian Treasures to see what's involved

The 5 x 3 set of reels returns here, although the icons land on blocks rather than spinning, just to keep things in line with the theme. You won't spot any progressive jackpots in action though.

The wild is a golden block spelling out WILD, and this can replace everything but the scattered lion's head, which appears on another block. This is also in gold, and it says FREE GAMES underneath it. Huge clue as to its main role, there!

Paylines available in the Persian Treasures game

The slot game offers 25 lines to play on. It appears that you need to play all of them as well.

A smaller betting range than you might expect

We found total wagers going from 2.00 up to 20.00 here, so it's not a penny game and it doesn't appeal to high rollers either, instead sitting somewhere in the middle.

The info button reveals access to the paytable

This is a usual feature in RTG slots, and you'll find the info logo in a circle towards the left side of the control panel.

Look out for some cascading wins

This bonus element is cool to see, triggering whenever you land a prize on the reels. The prize is paid, the winning blocks disappear, and then a random wild icon is placed in one of the empty positions before new blocks fill the others. This can result in another prize, and if so, the same thing happens again. This carries on until you end up on a losing spin.

It also involves a Multiplier Trail, triggering whenever the cascading symbols part of the game begins. This always doubles, so you've got the potential to trigger some cool prizes before you get a non-winning spin, if you're fortunate.

Find some scatters to receive some free spins

This part works in much the same way other games work. Look out for three, four, or five of the scattered free spin symbols to get seven, 10, or 13 free games. The Multiplier Trail applies to any cascading wins here, but rather than resetting to 1x when they end, it stays on its current value. This means a few prizes can result in it rising to impressive levels if things work out for you.

The free spin trigger begins by inviting you to gamble for more freebies, but be aware that if you gamble and lose, you'll lose the spins you just won.

No obvious RTP was released with the game

We suspect there may be a range within which the game can sit, according to the value chosen by the participating casino. Do a little research before deciding where you'd like to play the Persian Treasures online slot game.

Our rating: Does Persian Treasures fit the bill?

It looks amazing, and since it ventures into Persia, it does add a different look and feel to things compared to other games we've played. We think it is worth 8/10.

Potentially high prizes available

Would you be impressed if we revealed that the maximum prize per line is a whopping 50,000x? Few players will ever get close to that, but it's good to know.

Demo play introduces you to the slot game

If you're eager to see where those treasures might lead you to, try the demo to get a sense of what is involved.

There is a chance to play for real as well

Just be aware of the minimum bet amount and make sure that suits your preferences before you change over to the real game.

Playing on mobile devices

Android and iOS fans can surely find this at all good mobile sites, as it looks just as good on a smaller screen with touchscreen controls.