Rversweep Casino

If you know the name Riversweeps, you'll know that you can play sweepstakes games via one of their websites. The slots are created by Riverslot, but if you look out for Riversweeps, you'll soon have a chance to play their games via a mobile device or online. And here are some of the highlights you can look forward to…

Cleo's Heart

Does Cleo refer to the famous Cleopatra by any chance? It certainly does, and you can look forward to meeting this cartoon version of her in this slot game. Expect a trip to ancient Egypt to figure out what's happening inside this game.

Crazy Scientist

A scientist with a beard and some funky hair, surrounded by bottles, flasks, and potions of all kinds. Just how crazy is he anyway? You might well find out if you check out this slot game via Riversweeps today.


This slot is about more than just bananas - it's a fruity thing to play for sure. But there is a peeled banana strumming a guitar with his peel, so it doesn't take long to see the quirky nature of this game up for grabs if you care to take it for a spin.

African King

Who is the king of wild animals? If you are thinking of a lion, you'd be correct in terms of playing this slot game. The mighty lion appears in front of some plains as you load this one, but is the king going to be useful as you play or not?

Magic Tree

The theme of this slot is obvious when you look at the title image. Several Oriental coins float around, featuring that square hole in the middle. There are cherry blossoms there too, so what else might you find that features the same themed ideas?