Shelltastic Wins Slots

What does Shelltastic mean anyway? You're about to find out, thanks to our full review of the slot game called Shelltastic Wins. You might have a few clues via the title alone, but we've packed this review with plenty more facts to consider as well. Are you ready to read more?

Developer details for Shelltastic Wins

This slot game is one from RTG. You might know them as Realtime Gaming since that's their full name.

Demo version confirmed for this slot

This software developer does tend to release a demo for each of its games and they've done so again this time around.

Theme details for Shelltastic Wins

You can guess there are shells involved, right? Plenty of them, too, although there is a seafaring theme involved here as well.

The game offers a stunning design to enjoy too

You always want the design to make the most of the theme in play in a slot game, and that's certainly true for Shelltastic Wins. The sharpness of the graphics goes down well, and you really do get the sense of being under the water here. The shells appear in various types as well, so there is a lot to appreciate as you begin to explore.

Reels, icons, and more: Facts about Shelltastic Wins slots

This is a six-reel game that offers five icons on each of the reels, so it is much bigger than your average slot game. There are no progressive jackpots this time around, but it does still have a lot to offer via the usual paytable.

The game doesn't offer a wild symbol, but you do get a scatter appearing in the guise of a puffer fish. You can also look out for a clam shell, but only in the free spins round. It behaves as a multiplier when you reach that part of the game.

How many paylines does Shelltastic Wins have?

The game offers no lines, instead opting for the less common 'pays any' idea. This isn't the same as cluster pays, which require the symbols to touch each other to count in the winning combination. This time, it doesn't matter where all the symbols land if you have the minimum amount or more.

Available bets to choose from in this slot game

You'll find a range of wagers to consider before you play. You only need one for each spin, so you can use the buttons provided to choose your preferred amount.

Paytable information for Shelltastic Wins slots

The paytable explains the rules of this slot game and shows you the prize amounts for the various shells and other symbols appearing in the game. Take your time to explore the table before your first attempt to play.

Bonus elements: Should you expect any?

The only element here that remotely resembles a bonus is the Cascading Wins part of the game you've probably seen in other games. Whenever a prize lands, the winning symbols vanish following the payout. You then refill the grid from above to see if you can get another win. If so, the same thing continues until the prizes end.

How about some free spins?

Shelltastic Wins does provide a free spin opportunity, and you'll need to find some puffer fish to get there. Four or more are good for earning 10 spins. During these spins, those multiplier clam shells may appear. You can get one or more on any spin. They'll each display a value between 2x and 100x. Following completion of any cascading wins, your total prize amount from the cascades will be multiplied by the total values shown on any clam shells in those spins. We played a couple free spin rounds and can confirm this does have plenty of potential.

What about an RTP value for Shelltastic Wins?

There was no confirmation of any return to player percentage for this slot game. You may have expected that if you were familiar with RTG games upfront.

What's our rating? Is this shelltastic or does it sink to the depths?

This is a great game and while it doesn't tackle any new ground, it combines several neat features to give you an entertaining game. We guess the multiplier shells are a little different, but either way, this is surely an 8.5 out of 10 slot.

How much could you net from this game?

The biggest prize per bet is 50,000x the amount of that wager, so there's a lot of potential if you can get that far. We guess that would come from the multiplier feature.

Demo play is the perfect way to check out the game

Try the demo for Shelltastic Wins today to see whether you think it is shelltastic too.

You can switch to real play when you've got a casino membership

Join an RTG casino, watch out for a welcome bonus, and see what you think about playing the real game there.

Mobile accessibility is fine too

Grab your iPhone or iPad, or your Android device if you use that instead, and you can still play Shelltastic Wins with touchscreen controls.