SpinoVerse Casino

Some casinos look far brighter than others, and SpinoVerse Casino is surely one of the brightest of them all. It leads with a giant welcome offer, while also introducing a couple of characters that might seem familiar if you've played some of their slots. We'll delve into the slot games more in a moment, but first, we should bring you news of many other features seen on their website.

It doesn't take long to spot the software brand in action there

Look at the bottom of the SpinoVerse website and you'll see the Spin Logic Gaming logo in big type. That's the supplier of the games (formerly known as RTG).

There's plenty to explore inside the lobby

This is the bit where you'll discover all the game categories you can explore once you're ready to play. The new titles seem to appear by default, but you can easily switch to the slots, video poker games, table games, or other categories as you wish.

Join the casino: Look for the blue button

The login button is orange and sits next to the signup one, which appears in blue, so between them they're easy to see. You can therefore head straight for the signup process if that's what you decide to do.

Make sure you know more about their signup restrictions

Every casino has limitations on those who can signup and play, and you need to know about the ones in force at SpinoVerse Casino before you get your account - just in case. For example, while some casinos set a minimum age limit of 18, this one has set its limit at 21. The terms and conditions also confirm that you cannot play if you're in Australia, Canada, and various other countries, including several in Europe. Check that list first and be sure you read the rest of the terms too.

How many games do they have?

SpinoVerse Casino has slots in three figures, which does prove to be the biggest category on offer, as you might guess. They do have some neat titles in the specialty area too though, along with a good mix in all the other categories. And with new games added monthly, you've always got more on the way.

How can you choose the slots you want to play?

This could be tricky if there were no ways to narrow the field, but fortunately SpinoVerse has given you some subcategories to look at. For example, you can go for three-reel or five-reel slots, and they even have a category for six-reel games. If you prefer slots with bonus rounds, you can go for those instead. There are a couple of other possibilities to look at as well.

How about trying some of their free games?

You can certainly do this, as there are some awesome slots that are worth trying out before dipping into your pocket to pay for those spins. It looks as if many of their other games have free games as well in case you're interested in trying a few more.

Always check your wagers if you're going to access some paid games

All wagers are final, which is cool if you're playing a demo but hugely important to check if you're switching over to a real game. Make sure you know how much you're going to bet and that it fits with your budget, as once you hit the play, bet, or spin button, that's final.

New slot games turn up when you arrive in the instant play lobby

We love the fact they list those first; we guess they want you to know about the latest games you can play there, as you may not know about those. There were quite a few, and as far as we could tell, the freshest of them all had larger icons to display to promote them.

Speaking of promotions…

You cannot miss the $9,000 welcome offer splashing onto the homepage at this casino. However, you can also check out the welcome bonus center for further details via the usual menu. Following on from that, they also bring you two other menu areas to check out - one for daily deals and another for exclusive offers reserved for VIP members. They even have an area for cashback, so there is a lot to sort through at this casino.

Tournaments didn't feature anywhere at the casino

This might change, but for the moment there are no available tournaments at the casino.

The latest casino winners appeared on the homepage

The casino listed a few winners just below the current progressive jackpot total. You can see the name of each winner, the game they managed to scoop the prize on, and the prize amount won.

Rewards receive a mention inside the lobby

Once you're there, you'll see the banners changing at the top of the page, just above all the games. One of those banners confirmed the presence of loyalty points at the casino, so that's another reason to think about joining SpinoVerse Casino.

Is it easy to visit the SpinoVerse mobile casino?

Yes, just go via your mobile browser as there is no need to get an app to reach the site.

No account required to play demo games

This is one of the best things about SpinoVerse Casino - the fact that you can explore and play the games without needing to create an account. You may well decide to do that once you've had a look around, but at least you don't need to at the start.

This is an instant play casino

Some casinos offer a downloadable option too, but we didn't see this in action at SpinoVerse.

Details for those interested in affiliate information

This program is handled by Number 1 Affiliates, and the casino provides a link to that site via their lower menu.

Don't expect any sporting services to arrive at the casino

SpinoVerse sticks to the casino format and doesn't add anything else to the mix.

They haven't produced a blog or forum area

This might change, and you'll know more here if it does.

Live dealer games haven't yet been added to the casino

This is a familiar stance among Spin Logic casinos, but should it change, we'll update you on the alterations here.

How to make some deposits

SpinoVerse Casino only has a few methods available for depositing - Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Bitcoin.

What about making a withdrawal?

There are just two ways you can do this - choose a wire transfer or a Bitcoin withdrawal.

Bitcoin surely seems to be the most practical option then

It does, yes - and you could get a bonus for depositing via Bitcoin as well. We spotted that offer inside the casino lobby, so watch out for it. You can certainly use this cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals, which makes it more versatile.

Did you know they offer help via a live chat feature?

Look for the usual speech bubble in the bottom right of the screen. You just need to add your username for the casino to get underway. This does mean you cannot use it prior to signing up, but we still think you should consider it. You can get plenty more help and advice via the support and FAQ areas as well.