History of Deposit Bonuses

In today's world of online casinos, there are plenty of developer names you'll have heard of. One of the biggest is Microgaming, and they were part of the first online casino launch. Could they have guessed how big the market would become?

That market developed in lots of ways too, including adding various casino bonuses to these casinos. The first to get underway, though, was the deposit bonus. Today, new and established casino players alike can try and claim this bonus, depending on what each casino has to offer.

What's the idea behind deposit bonuses?

Players like a good deal, while the casinos want a way to draw in more players, hoping that many of them will stick around and continue to play there in future.

With a deposit bonus, the idea is that the casino asks the player to deposit a minimum amount. In doing so, they'll boost the value of that amount by giving the player some bonus funds on top. The 100% deposit match bonus is the most familiar of these, although you'll see other percentages cropping up as well.

Were the original casino deposit bonuses just like the ones we see today?

In many respects, yes. There were some differences though. In those early days, casinos didn't see the need to attach lots of detailed rules to these offers. There were likely some details and requirements to note and complete, but not as many as you'll see today.

As is often the case when someone sees a good deal, they want to take advantage of it. Today's rules are much tighter as the casinos don't want to lose money through these deposit bonuses. You can still get value out of the best of them, but they have certainly changed since those early days.

Will deposit bonuses stick around as we progress through the 21st century?

We expect so, although it's impossible to say how the internet and the rules surrounding online casinos will change in years to come. If online casinos are still a thing, though, it's difficult to think of them being available without offering their players the chance to boost their casino deposits along the way.