Island Reels Casino

We've often talked about the appearance of various online casinos, but few get close to the imagery you're going to see when you land at Island Reels Casino. This really is a stunning site. However, while looks do count for something at an online casino, they're far from the most important element. We go beyond the gloss to find out what else you might see at Island Reels Casino.

Who offers the software at Island Reels Casino?

We're delighted to confirm that the casino operates on Spin Logic Gaming software, so you're in for a fine time.

How do you reach the lobby?

It looks a little tricky to start with, but once you check the menu, you'll see a link that takes you through to the games area. You don't need to be logged into the site to reach it, and you can explore the lobby in more detail once you're there.

Join the casino from the landing page or the lobby

The landing page makes the most of the stunning setting that offers the theme for the Island Reels Casino. You can sign up there if you want to, but there is also plenty of time to explore the lobby before deciding to create an account, as you can do it from there too.

Signup restrictions crop up in the terms and conditions

The general terms reveal that you must be aged 21 or over to play at the casino. Those terms also highlight some prohibited countries, so it's important to read the information there to be able to identify whether you're allowed to play at Island Reels Casino. Australia and Canada are not allowed, for example, and neither are those in the state of Nevada - although no other US states are mentioned.

A solid selection of games appears at Island Reels Casino

Once inside the instant play area of Island Reels, we discovered that we could play over 300 games. That stat is confirmed on one of the panels at the top of the instant play lobby. The usual mix of categories covers all manner of slots and casino games, so you're going to find lots of great games to check out there.

They've given us several areas for the slots to sit in

You can decide which ones you'd like to play according to how many reels are available in the game. There are other categories covering bonus rounds, floating symbols, and games that pay any, rather than opting for paylines. You can also check out the progressive slots if you like.

Test some free games before going further

Spin Logic Gaming provides the slots and casino games for Island Reels, so it's no surprise to spot lots of demo games in their collection. It looks as if you can try anything you like before placing real bets on the games.

How much does it cost to dip into some of the paid games?

Some games are penny slots, but you'll equally find others that ask for a much higher wager per spin. The same applies across the other game categories too. That's why we appreciate the Island Reels Casino's demo games, as they always help you figure out whether you can afford one game more than another. You'll be able to work out how many games you can play for your budget.

How often can you spot new slot games arriving?

Island Reels Casino will get all the new releases from Spin Logic Gaming. Since they're regularly issuing new titles - mostly slots - you'll spot at least one per month turning up at the casino.

Begin the promotions with a huge welcome offer

The welcome bonus goes well into four figures, appearing at the top of their homepage. You can also see the bonus code for this. There is a promotions page to discover as well, with separate areas for the welcome bonuses and other deals to be had once you go beyond that point.

Can you expect to take part in some tournaments?

It doesn't look like it, no.

Casino winners aren't displayed on the website

We checked the landing page, the lobby, and various other areas, but came up empty in this respect.

Does this casino offer a loyalty program?

Yes, it does. You can join their Treasure Tribe, as it is called, by starting at the Cadet level. From there, you can try and reach three other levels, the Captain, Champion, and Chief levels in turn. The casino offers a page explaining more about the available perks at each level.

No apps to worry about at Island Reels Casino

Those wanting to access the lobby on a smartphone or tablet can do so via the usual browser route. No need for any apps if you'd rather use the mobile access route.

You can play their games without registration

But only if you want to check out their demo games. When you're ready to play for real, you'll need to open an account.

Instant play action at Island Reels Casino

This is the fastest way to get started at the casino. However, if you look at some of the quick links at the foot of the website, you'll see a download option there as well. If you know you're only ever going to play on the same computer, you can try that.

Who supplies access to their affiliate program?

Number 1 Affiliates is the name of the affiliate program on offer at this casino.

Does the casino offer a sportsbook?

No, as the name might suggest, you're in for a full casino experience and nothing else.

Blog/forum possibilities don't appear

The casino hasn't bothered going in for any of these, although to be honest, they're rare at most casinos anyway.

Live dealer games aren't inside the lobby

There is no mention of them elsewhere at Island Reels either.

Depositing funds at Island Reels

Their banking page mentions only three potential ways to do this - via Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin.

What about making a withdrawal?

They're clearly pushing Bitcoin here, although the page does also highlight wire transfers a bit further down.

Is Bitcoin the smartest choice then?

It looks that way, yes. The casino provides this for depositing and withdrawing, so it saves switching from one method to another depending on what you're doing.

Support and FAQ pages provide lots more help

You might have guessed that the casino has plenty of useful pages to read, including the banking page and terms and conditions. However, they also provide you with an FAQ, and you can check their support page if you want to send them a message. If you're a member of Island Reels Casino, you'll also be able to access their live chat feature.