Kats Casino

Kats Casino is a big site with a lot to offer - that much becomes clear from the second you turn up. There are changing screens offering you a host of bonuses and promotions to look through. Strangely, not all those promos appear in the promotions area, so you should check everywhere before making any deposits. We are here to provide you with a full rundown of everything we found at Kats Casino, so let's get started, shall we?

We easily identified the software developer

The Realtime Gaming logo was at the bottom of the homepage, but when we landed on the website, we immediately recognized some of their best and newest titles. If you're familiar with any of their games, you'll recognize lots of them as well.

Selecting a game on the homepage takes you to the lobby

No signup required to take this trip - and it means you can explore all the games you can play if you do decide that Kats Casino has everything you might want to play. The new games land first, but you can easily switch categories to check out everything else too.

Join the casino by looking for the signup button

And if you guessed that it could be in the top right of your screen… well done. They've gone for the familiar positioning used at lots of casinos, just to make it easier to find.

Signup restrictions arrive under the general conditions area

Head for the terms and conditions page and look a little way down it to find the highlighted general conditions area. This begins by confirming their minimum age is 18, although they do say that some areas raise this to 21, so you must check.

They do have a small list of restricted countries, so make sure you're not on that. You can't play if you live in Australia, as this is the most notable among them. If you check the list and your country doesn't appear on there, you must still confirm that you can legally gamble online wherever you live.

Games to play whenever the mood takes you

You know how to get through to the casino lobby, so when you're there, you can check out all the available games at Kats Casino. With lots of them around, you're able to find the ones that appeal most.

There are seven subcategories for the slots

And it's a good job too, as there are lots of them available. You can choose how many reels you'd like to play on, alongside other options such as bonus rounds or progressive jackpot action. It makes it easier to find what you want to play, although you can just view the lot if you want to.

You're invited to try some free games

Kats Casino runs on RTG software, which means they have access to all their demo games. Just look for the try it option rather than choosing the larger play button. This enables you to load the practice version of your selected game to check it out in more detail.

Paid games offer many different coins to use

Kats Casino clearly wants to appeal to as many players as possible. One of the ways it does this is by offering RTG games that cost various amounts to play. Of course, you don't need to play any of them if you don't want to. However, if you do decide to do so, you should check the availability of coins for each one. This should help you work out which slots are most affordable for you to play.

New slot games appear first once you're inside the lobby

This shows all the new games on the site, so occasionally you might spot one or two other games there. However, mostly it will be slots, and there are fresh ones to check out whenever you visit.

Don't miss all the promotions on the landing page

The top panel goes through a number of screens, most of which display a bonus of some sort, including one or more bonus codes to use. Many of these don't appear on the promo page, so make sure you check them all before depositing. There is a welcome chip to start with - no deposit required - followed by a generous welcome offer.

Tournaments weren't mentioned anywhere

We didn't see any tournaments at this casino, but we'll make sure you know about any that may crop up in future.

We didn't find any news of casino winners

This isn't that unusual, so it isn't a concern.

What does the VIP program offer?

Kats Casino has gone for a Hollywood-style program, accessed from the top of their website. You begin at the Jennifer Lopez level, and you can see if you can access several others, going all the way to Marilyn Monroe!

Mobile access is fine without an app

They don't offer any apps because the casino works fine without them, adjusting to show you the best appearance for your device.

Play without registration if you're ready to try some games

Try loading any slot or game you fancy, and it'll complete within seconds. If you have selected the 'try it' version, that's the demo. No account needed.

Kats Casino is a superb instant play website

With no downloads to slow you down or limit you to a single computer, it's easy to play there whenever you want to.

There's no sign of an affiliate program

There's no link to confirm they've got one, and no sign of anything mentioned online either when we did some research on this.

You won't find any sporting events promoted at Kats Casino

In line with lots of other casinos, Kats is just that, and it doesn't stray into other betting areas.

Blog/forum availability is zero at Kats Casino

That's not too much of a surprise though, as the casino merely follows the pattern set by lots of other similar sites.

Don't expect to see any live dealer games

The game categories did not include this possibility.

Depositing funds at Kats Casino

There isn't a banking page, but it only took a second to go through to the FAQ to find the deposit section in there. This reveals that you can use credit and debit cards along with Bitcoin.

Is it easy enough to request a withdrawal?

The FAQ area reveals that you have three ways you can do this. You can choose a bank check, a bank wire transfer, or a Bitcoin withdrawal. We guess the third is going to be the option of choice for many players.

There is plenty of Bitcoin information in the FAQ too

If you haven't made any deposits yet, much less withdrawals, we'd encourage you to read all the useful information provided in that section. Plenty of questions get comprehensive answers there. Keep an eye out for a chance to collect a Bitcoin bonus occasionally as well.

Is it easy to contact them if you need help?

Yes - you might already have noticed the speech bubble logo in the bottom corner of the Kats Casino website. When we checked it out, it said replies were typically received within five minutes, although we guess that could change. You do need to give them your name, email, and phone number to use it. They also provide phone numbers and email addresses on their contact page.