Trinity Reels Slots

Trinity Reels is a curious title, but there is a good reason for it. You'll discover that reason shortly, but that is just one aspect of this slot game review. We'll go through everything else you need to know about this game prior to playing it. Settle in and let's see whether Trinity Reels might be your favorite slot yet to come.

Which game studio does Trinity Reels come from?

This one is from Betsoft, which should alone give you confidence that you've got a great slot to play here.

Demo action is included

Betsoft wouldn't give us anything else, right?

Theme details for Trinity Reels

There isn't much of a theme in this one, although it does make us think of medieval times, even though it is comprised of gems and classic letters and numbers. See if you feel the same when you check it out.

Expect a block-based design here

Plenty of modern slots do spin their reels, sometimes in 3D, but here we have a blocky design where each block falls into the grid from above. This gives a different feel to things that we rather like, even though it's not new.

How to play Trinity Reels slots

This is a six-reel game, with three blocks falling into each reel. Interestingly, though, the blocks can show split symbols. This means you'll see the same symbol on each position, but it could show in sets of one, two, or three. This affects the number of lines you could get on each spin. Reel six works differently by only showing three symbols, but all the others can display up to nine icons per reel.

There are no jackpots to find in Trinity Reels, but you can see wilds and an assortment of other symbols in action during the game.

Paylines don't appear in this one

Instead, you get ways to win, with the current quantity shown underneath the reels. As split symbols appear, the ways to win may change. The maximum you can get is 177,174 ways to win.

Get ready to place your bet

We say bet because you only need one on each spin. The bets go from 20 cents up to $100 at most, so that should be enough to give you something to fit with whatever budget you have available.

Paytable info is easy to find as always

Betsoft never lets us down here, and it is more important than ever to check it before you play.

There are plenty of bonuses tucked away in Trinity Reels slots

Expect cascading reels to begin whenever you get a prize in this game. These work in the usual way, and you can land some mystery symbols on these too if you get a prize and then trigger a cascade with a chance of more prizes. All mystery symbols that turn up in a cascade will change to reveal the same symbol. Moreover, if a mystery symbol shows a split icon, you'll get the same number of icons turning up in the revealed symbol. All standard symbols can be revealed like this.

The sixth reel of the game only shows three icons, as we saw earlier. It can show some special symbols too. These cover wild boosts, split boosts, and multi boosts. The wild one reveals one or two more wilds on other reels where they don't already appear, although it won't land on reel one. The split boost gives you two or three icons as split symbols if they don't already show this. Finally, the multi boost gives you one of four multipliers at random for any prizes - going from 2x to 10x at most.

Free spins available in Trinity Reels

There is another symbol we haven't touched on yet - the free spin icon. This says free spins and you must find three of them to earn 10 free spins. Before those spins begin, you'll see one out of the three special symbols for the sixth reel that is selected to appear more frequently during your free spins.

RTP details for Trinity Reels

This game has an encouraging return to player percentage of 95.96%. This does marginally dip below the preferred industry minimum of 96%.

What did we make of the Trinity Reels slot?

We loved this one, and it does feel very different to anything else we've seen previously. It certainly represents a departure for Betsoft from other games they've come up with. Split symbols always perk things up, and they've certainly managed that in this game. As such, we are giving this one a high rating of 9.5 out of a maximum of 10.

You can expect a giant multiplier for the best return here

Betsoft is always clear on the maximum winnings attainable from its slots. In this case, we can reveal the impressive figure of 15,127x your wager.

Should you try the demo version first?

If you're interested in seeing how Trinity Reels works in practice, the demo is the perfect way to do this.

Consider whether the real thing is fine to play from 20 cents per spin

With varying ways to win on every spin, Trinity Reels certainly does offer plenty to the eager player. With a minimum 20-cent bet in play, it should be good for most players to access for real, too.

You can also play across mobile platforms

Expect to see Trinity Reels available on iOS, Android, and regular computer platforms too, giving you plenty of versatility in how to play it.