BetOnline Person to Person

Betonline is a mighty site that offers far more than just your average casino. It also provides you with sports, a racebook, live betting, and esports among other things. There is a good chance, therefore, that you might be interested in signing up and making a deposit to make some bets there.

You'll soon see there are lots of ways to deposit funds at Betonline. One method is to use their Person to Person facility.

What is Person to Person?

You might also see this written as Per$on to Per$on, as the logo does use dollar signs. This is a way of sending money internationally between individuals. When using Betonline, you can use this method to deposit a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $600. According to Betonline, they'll refund the transfer fees whenever you deposit $300 or more, so that's worth remembering if you intend to deposit that much.

Which methods are available at Betonline if you use this option?

If you want to deposit cash in this way, you can choose from Money Gram or Ria, the two available options on offer at Betonline.

If you choose Money Gram, you'll begin the process online, making sure all your name and address details at Betonline match those for Money Gram. They should also match your photo ID. You'll then get a name and location for the receiver, with 48 hours to make sure they receive your funds. You'll get a reference number, and this is required to complete the second stage of the deposit process. You can then process your deposit to finish the second stage.

Follow the step-by-step instructions via Betonline's help pages

This is the best way to go through the process for the first time, as they've even got screenshots of each stage if you're using Money Gram. They don't provide further info if you're using Ria, which is odd, but we guess Money Gram is by far the more likely method you'll use.

Can you withdraw via Person to Person as well?

You can, yes - just head for the cashier area and select the withdrawal option. Again, you'll get step-by-step instructions to follow if this is the first time, you're doing it. Withdrawals are available for $50 or more, with a ceiling of $400. You can request a withdrawal once weekly using this method. Not surprisingly, and for security purposes, you will need to take ID with you to collect the funds when they become available.

To learn more, you can head for the banking pages at Betonline, select the Person to Person method, and get a complete rundown of all the details you need for depositing and withdrawing at the site via this method. It's best to check those before you do anything else, as it'll help you work out whether it's your ideal way to play or wager on any of the events or games at Betonline.