Shield of Sparta Slots

Behold the Spartans, as they appear in this slot game called Shield of Sparta. It sounds like there might be a battle going on, but it's time to find out for sure as we check it out here. This is certainly a dramatic game, but is it dramatic to play or just a damp squib? We have the answers below.

Developer info provides a positive start to our review

Whenever we see the brand Pragmatic Play attached to a slot, we know we are in for a great time. We hope that pans out again here.

Load the demo to see what you make of it

This is the best way to begin, so you can see whether you'd like to make the change to play the real version.

Where does the theme take us?

The title reveals a Spartan theme, and we can confirm we're heading back to ancient Greece once more to play this one.

The design gives most of the space over to the reels

The giant reels sit between two pillars, so you get a sense of ancient Greek architecture in this one. There is little to note in the background as there isn't much space for it, but we think we can see waves crashing against rocks.

How to play Shield of Sparta slots

Expect the usual five-reel format for this one, with three symbols landing on each reel per spin. There are no progressive jackpots to hunt down.

Watch out for the Spartan wearing a gold helmet. He is the wild symbol and he'll everything except for the bonus Shield of Sparta itself. The wild can land on any reel of the game.

Most notably, there are two versions of the scatter in play. One is a standard shield and the other is a magnetic bonus icon. The latter has an additional smaller gold token on the image as well.

Payline quantity for the Shield of Sparta

You can expect 20 lines in this one, and a quick look around reveals that those lines are fixed too.

Choose your wager before you play

The minimum spin bet is 20 cents, confirming this in the penny slot category. The controls allow for up to 10 coins per spin, so if you max out the coin value at 50 cents, you'll bet $100 on a spin at most.

Don't play until you've read through the paytable

This explains everything about the game along with offering prize amounts for each of the successful combinations you might get.

There are no bonus features to unlock in this game

Not much else to add to that.

Free spins are possible in the Shield of Sparta slot though

The idea is to get three bonus or magnetic bonus symbols to trigger the free spin feature. You'll get 10 games for three, while four receive 15 games and five triggering icons unlock 20 games.

If you land two of either of the bonus symbols in the base game, they'll freeze where they are and you get a free respin of the other positions to see whether you can trigger the free spin round.

Bonus symbol positions are marked before the spins begin. Anything landing in those spots receives an upgrade. Magnetic bonus icons draw in other bonus symbols if they land. The idea is that each position can potentially go through three levels, with each progressive level earning a bigger multiplier. When the spins end, you can see which multiplier values have been awarded for each position on the reels. The first level sees multipliers between 1x and 3x. However, if you manage to reach level three, you will receive a multiplier worth at least 10x and possibly as much as 20x. As if all that wasn't enough, you can also retrigger the round by finding three or more additional scatters during the first set of spins.

This all sounds a little confusing, hence why we suggest the demo play format to begin with. This will help you get a better idea of how it works.

Here's the return to player percentage

96.5% is the RTP in action here, given as theoretical as they all are, but nonetheless reaching higher than the desired minimum in this game area.

Our rating: Does Shield of Sparta provide you with a great game experience?

We liked this one, and although it has fewer features than some other Pragmatic Play games, it still packs in some impressive action with those bonus symbols. We think it's a solid eight points out of 10.

Does the paytable reveal the best prize amount in the game?

Yes, it does, and it is limited to 3,000x your bet. If you're playing a round and you hit this amount, you'll end it there. This applies if you're in the free spins and you get that sum on a spin.

Demo play is certainly the best decision to start with

If you play long enough to reach those free games, you can get a better idea of the magnetic bonus symbols along with the regular ones.

Will you go into battle and play for real too?

Check your budget and find out more about the game before you do so. We think it's an affordable one if you're keen on slots that start with a penny per line.

Mobile gaming? You bet!

Yes, you can always count on this developer to produce mobile slots you'll love. We think this one is ideal on mobile devices running on Android or iOS as well.