Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes Slots

The opening screen to the Snakes and Ladders: Snake Eyes slot game is striking for sure. There is a snake - not much of a surprise - and… a gorilla? Yes, you'll spot him in view, along with the ladders you might have expected too. This game certainly begins in fine style, but how does it continue? Does it have more in common with the snakes and ladders game than you might think?

Who is the developer?

The game comes from Pragmatic Play, so that fact alone should make everything seem way more promising from the start.

You can begin with the demo game

The title of the game provides a few clues to what you might expect to see, but nothing beats trying the demo, which comes with plenty of coins built into it to use. You won't receive any real prizes, of course, but it is a reliable way to find out how it all works.

Have you figured out the theme yet?

The title says it all, doesn't it? The game is based on snakes and ladders, so you can expect to see those elements coming into play. You can expect a few other things to come into view too though.

Does it have a snakes and ladders design too?

No, you shouldn't expect to see a game board with the usual snakes and ladders strewn across it. The game looks like a regular slot, and there is a slight cartoon appearance to it. Put it this way - the snakes look friendlier than any we've seen before.

How to play Snakes and Ladders: Snake Eyes slots

This is a standard five-by-three game in terms of the reels and symbols. There are no progressive jackpots to check out.

The wild appears as one of three dice, with the dots on it representing the multiplier in play when you see it. So, you'll either spot one, two, or three dots on the wild when it appears. Better still, it replaces everything else on the reels and offers its multiplier to the total prizes in the spin it appears on.

Aside from that, you've also got a bonus symbol to look for. This displays a grid - a bit like a snakes and ladders board - with Snakes, Ladders, and Bonus written on it.

Does the game offer fixed paylines?

It does, but since there are only 10 of them available, it doesn't cause much of an issue to cover them all.

Get ready to place your bets

There's a lot to get through here, starting with the fact you can play up to 10 coins per line. Those coins can be worth from a penny to a dollar. It means you've got betting options going from just 10 cents to $100.

Where is the paytable?

You'll find it underneath the first reel, labeled as an info button.

Can you reach the Snakes and Ladders Board Bonus?

You knew this slot game would include something along these lines, right? Find three, four, or five bonus symbols and you'll get 12, 14, or 16 rolls of the dice. You then see a 12 x 12 grid on which a monkey's head appears as the playing piece. You then play the game to see how far you can get with your dice rolls.

There is a chance you may get extra rolls, but the grid includes various items you might pick up along the way. For example, there are multipliers, the usual snakes and ladders to send you up or down the board, and random values for cash awards.

Various other elements can also occur during the game, so watch what happens and see whether you can reach the end. If you do - and we guess it's tough to achieve - you'll receive 1,000x your triggering bet.

Free spins do not appear in this game

It's a shame, but there are none to find in this slot.

RTP information isn't tricky to find

We can share a value of 96.08% for this slot game, as Pragmatic Play is always super clear on this.

Our rating: Does this feel like climbing the ladder or sliding down the snake?

We think this slot game has some quirky features, not least the board game element we were hoping to see along the way. It's a little tricky to trigger it - although you may be fortunate to see it early on - but it's great to try if you can get there. We think we should grant this game 8.5 out of 10.

Does the biggest prize potential lie within the board game part?

With the 1,000x your bet potential at the end of the grid, we guess this is the most promising part of the game. Can you get close to it?

Is it worth playing the demo first?

Yes - we would advise you to begin with Snakes and Ladders: Snake Eyes demo slots because you'll get a much better idea of what it's like to play the game.

Play for real wherever you usually find Pragmatic Play slots

Plenty of casinos carry their titles, and since this is one of the most recent releases at the time of writing, we think you should find it easy enough to locate online.

Will you play on mobile devices too?

You can load this on Android or iOS devices if you prefer - just use your standard casino login when you visit their mobile site.