Medusa's Millions Slots

It must be inconvenient to have snakes for hair, but Medusa doesn't seem too bothered about it. She appears in this slot game, where you'll see statues of former soldiers dotted around beneath the reels. Many have tried and failed to slay her before, and perhaps attempted to grab some gold as well. If you are ready to find out more about the game, you can learn all you need to know below.

Who created Medusa's Millions?

This game is one of many promising titles to be found at Arrows Edge.

There is a demo you can try first

We think this is the best way to get a sense of how it all works, so load this version first to find out more about it.

Exploring the theme

Medusa does indeed have an unmanageable head of hair consisting of live snakes, and it seems we are in her lair here, as we can see those frozen soldiers as statues.

The design ties in with the Medusa theme

Medusa herself is hovering to the left of the reels, with the snakes exhibiting glowing eyes as they stare out at you. There are snakes on the reels too, so be prepared for lots of them to appear if you're going to play this game.

How to play Medusa's Millions

The game offers five reels, and it comes with progressive jackpots too - three of them, the Mini, Major, and Mega jackpots above the reels and the game title. Medusa is a wild symbol and she can land on the middle reel.

We bet you can't guess how many paylines there are

Would you believe there are 33 of them? It's an unusual number, and the creators have fixed them all in play on every spin too.

Think of the number three with the bets too

This turns out to be a penny slot, so 33 cents is as low as you can go. You can expect lots of other possibilities too though, especially given this is an Arrows Edge slot. Their top bet for this game is quite high, reaching $330 per spin.

The paytable should be your first port of call

You can find out all the prize values first, while also considering the rules behind some of the features included in the game.

Bonus expanding wild snake feature!

If you thought that Medusa landing only on the middle reel sounded disappointing, wait for this. Whenever she lands, she turns into an expanding wild. And that's not all - she turns all the other symbols in view into stone. Snakes then shoot out of her hair and across other symbols. If one reaches a corner icon, that reel also becomes wild, so you may end up with additional wild reels if the snakes do well.

The game also includes gold coin icons, each of which displays a number. If the Hold and Win bonus is triggered by finding five or more of the coins at once, you'll get three Hold and Win spins. All coins are held and the other spots spin to see if you can find more gold coins. If you do, the Hold and Win spins reset to three. You might also find special coins that take in the values of the existing gold coins. If you run out of respins, you scoop the total prizes found to that point.

Finally, keep an eye out for a Jackpot Coin on the final respin. If one should appear, you'll receive the corresponding jackpot - but this only counts on the last respin and not on any that appear before it.

Free spins are not included in Medusa's Millions

The respins are the only type of spins that appear in this game.

Some info about the RTP

The base game offers a return to player value of 93.5%, which is a lot lower than we'd expect from a slot game. This rises to 94.87% when considering the progressive jackpots, but even then, this is some way below the preferred 96% or higher we usually look for.

Our rating: What did we think of the Medusa's Millions slot game?

The lower return to player percentage reduces our score for this one, and that's a shame. The game does have lots of features to note, and you can certainly look out for some prizes if you reach the respins round. All told, we think a fair score would be 7/10 for this game.

Watch out for news of some jackpot winners

With three progressives up for grabs, most players are going to be watching closely if they reach the Hold and Win bonus round. The last spin is the one that can potentially drop one of the jackpots, so watch and see what might happen.

The demo game comes with a balance you can use to see what you make of it

Safely playing the demo is the best way to see what you think. Medusa's Millions works well, and certainly looks like another promising entry to the Greek mythology themed slot area.

Real play from 33 cents at a time

This means you get three spins out of every dollar in your budget. Make sure that fits for you before you change to the real game.

You can play Medusa's Millions on mobile too

Whether you prefer a tablet or a smartphone, you can always face off against Medusa on mobile devices too.