VIP Club Player Casino

When we first arrived at VIP Club Player Casino, we realized there was a lot of activity and information to take in. That's the first good point, but there could be plenty more to come too. Spend some time with us here as we guide you through various parts of their website to find out what's available, what's happening, and whether it might be a new site for you to visit.

Software potential on offer at this casino

We immediately spotted game titles from Betsoft, but there are others from Dragon Gaming as well. You'll get a large collection of varied titles to choose from, for sure.

You don't need to travel far to find the lobby

It appears on the homepage for VIP Club Player Casino, where you'll see all the available games. You can narrow those down to 3D slots, video poker, other games that don't fit elsewhere, and table games. There is a category for featured games as well.

Is this a casino you may want to join?

VIP Club Player Casino offers plenty of features, bonuses, and games, which sounds good from the start. However, you should note whether it has the right combination of features for you, along with other crucial elements we cover below.

Make sure you know about their signup restrictions first

Fortunately, this is simple to do at VIP Club Player Casino. You must be at least 18 years old, unless you live in a location that requests that you are older. They do say that you must check whether you can legally access and play at the casino before joining. However, further down, you must also make sure your country isn't mentioned in the small list that appears in point 2.4.4. This states that people in the UK, France, and Spain, among others, cannot use the site. You should also confirm you are legally able to bet online wherever you live.

Games to suit all tastes

With so many games on the landing page, it's a good idea to look through them to get a sense of the themes, ideas, and experiences flying around at this casino. We doubt you'll come away with any less than plenty of games you'd like to play there.

See all the 3D slots in one place

Betsoft is arguably king of the 3D slot game, so it's cool to find all their latest efforts in one place. If there are 3D games from other developers, you'll spot those in that area as well.

You won't have any trouble finding some free games to play

If you see something you want to find out more about, you'll spot the real and fun versions of it offered as invites over the top of the game logo. Choose the fun option and you can try that game using their practice coins.

This should help you choose some paid games

Not all players will go on to play for real, of course, but if you think you might do this at VIP Club Player Casino, you could end up spotting lots of slots that would work for you budget wise.

You'll easily find all the newest slots at VIP Club Player Casino

We're always grateful to easily spot new games whenever we visit an online casino, and that has been proven here. The newest ones receive a new label in red and white, so you can't miss it, no matter which section you're in.

Four areas to check out inside the promotion page

Begin by checking out the welcome offers, before moving along to see their bonus packages. You've also got weekly offers to look at and some exclusives too. It's clear that the casino has plenty lined up for old and new players alike.

Tournaments didn't appear on our recent visit

The casino didn't mention anything like this.

We didn't see any casino winners either

That's not too unusual though.

Read more about the VIP Program

It soon becomes clear that the VIP program for this casino is just that - it's only for those who reach the required levels to gain entry. The minimum deposit amount for Silver level - the lowest available level - is a whopping $15k. We guess that means most players will never get close to it.

Mobile and app features at VIP Club Player Casino

At the bottom of the site, you'll notice a link that says, 'download for Android'. This provides you with info on the available app for that platform. There's no app for iOS users, as the App Store does not allow it. However, you can just visit the casino via your usual browser, so you can still get through to the casino on an iPhone or iPad.

Playing without registration is possible at this casino

This is another key part of the VIP Club Player experience, as we noted that you can play lots of their games without logging into an account. It means you can experiment with the titles, play as many as you wish, and only then decide whether you'd like to join the casino.

Instant play is perfect at VIP Club Player

If you don't like the hassle of using downloadable software, you can take the instant play route at this casino.

Affiliates Wager is the name of the affiliate program

You can head straight there from the given link in the bottom menu at this casino, if you want to learn more about what becoming an affiliate might mean.

No sporting elements included at this casino

VIP Club Player Casino provides you with lots of entertaining games, so we guess there is no reason to complicate things by adding these features as well.

It doesn't offer any blog or forum features

We weren't expecting to see any, and we can confirm here that they do not stray into this area.

Live dealer games don't factor into the action

We didn't mention them earlier because we soon realized there were none there.

Depositing funds at the casino

The casino mentions fast and secure methods for you to use, displaying logos for the likes of Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover, and Bitcoin.

Making a withdrawal from your account

You need to follow all the steps to complete a withdrawal from VIP Club Player Casino. Head for the cashier to get more details on this, as they do not provide you with a banking page.

Bitcoin is the only virtual currency mentioned

Could there be more in future? If there are, we'll list them here.

It couldn't be easier to find some help if you need it

This is another area where the VIP stance comes through. You'll see the live chat featured at the bottom of the site. It popped up with a welcome message when we arrived, so it's easy enough to hit the 'chat now' option to do just that. You will need to be a member though, as it asks for your username, email, and phone number, which must match the details held on record. There are other ways to contact them as well, and plenty of useful pages to read on the site if you get stuck.