Spotting Unfair Bonus Terms

Casinos design their bonuses to catch the attention of anyone passing who might just want to sign up there. You've seen these offers - you can get free spins or a deposit bonus, maybe even a no deposit bonus. Yes, grab a bonus just for signing up and you can play on their dime.

Except, of course, that's not quite how it works. You always need to check the terms for any bonus at every casino. You must know the inner workings before you claim anything. Otherwise, you could end up with a nasty shock.

How can you tell whether bonus terms are fair?

For starters, they should be clear and understandable. Some casinos explain things in a roundabout way that leaves you wondering just what they're saying. Steer clear of anything you don't understand, otherwise you could claim an offer and miss out on completing the terms.

Are there unfair wagering requirements to spot?

This is certainly something to check before claiming an offer. We've spotted the occasional online casino with a huge 70x or more wagering requirement the player must meet before completing the bonus terms. Even if you deposit as little as $10, you'd need to wager $700 before cashing out became a possibility. And that's if you only need to bet the deposit and not the bonus funds as well. If that was the case, you can up the minimum amount to $1,400 instead - and potentially within just a few days.

Vague terms can also be unfair on the player

Can you identify which games you can and cannot play if you decide to claim a bonus? It's common to be restricted to slots when chasing the wagering requirements. However, it should be clear upfront and not vague. If it is unclear, don't sign up at that casino.

Check whether a bonus is sticky or not too. A sticky offer means the bonus itself stays with the casino. So, if you get a $10 bonus on a $10 deposit and get a $10 prize, you won't be able to withdraw it, since the bonus will be removed from your winnings first… leaving you with nothing.

Always be alert to the small print and make sure you understand every word, and its implications, so you can learn more about what to expect from online casinos.