Black Magic Casino

A magic hat awaits - a witch's hat, no less - at Black Magic Casino today. Will you dare to step across the threshold to find out what might await you within this dark place?

Black Magic Casino may have chosen a dark background to suit its name, but this is anything but a dark site to visit. Once you begin to explore, you'll see there are many sensational games, promotions, and other features to note there. So, if you have some time to spend here with us, let's go together and see whether this casino really might cast a spell over you.

A fine list of software providers

If you go into the slot game area, you'll see you can choose any of the available providers on offer at the casino, courtesy of a list provided for this purpose. There are more than 40 brands on offer, providing you with a stunning array of games to choose from when you decide to play at Black Magic Casino.

Despite the quantity of games, they've kept to a simple lobby design

We like this element, as some casinos go overboard in giving you a huge array of options inside their lobby. In this case, we have slots, virtual games, table games, and lucky games, plus another category we'll get to a little later.

How to register to join the casino

Follow the link provided at the top of the site, over to the right. You can complete your details on the next page to create your account. This means you'll have access to all the areas of the casino.

Signup restrictions active for Black Magic Casino

To become a member of the casino, you must be at least 18 years of age. The exception would be if you live in an area that stipulates a higher age, in which case that is the one to pay attention to. It must also be legal for you to make bets online at such a website. While some websites provide a list of prohibited countries, this casino does not, so the onus remains with you to make sure you can legally play at the casino before you sign up.

Exploring the many games at Black Magic Casino

With so many developers taking part at this casino, you can guess you've got lots of slots and casino games to check out. Take your time to look through them once you've chosen the category you are eager to explore. The default area is the slots, which makes sense.

How many slots can you try at this casino?

There must be hundreds, given the huge quantity of developers involved. It was impossible to count them all, but we guess there are enough to keep everyone entertained, no matter what they might be looking for.

Are there free games for each of the slots on offer?

No, but you can easily tell which slots do offer a free version. Hover over each one and you'll either see a 'try for free' message or you won't. This tells the story, as the free version will allow you to experiment for a bit and see what you make of that game.

Switching to paid games is simple enough

To do this, you need to select the 'play now' command. You'll need an account to play them, as you might guess, and you should make sure you have some cash in there to play with too. Always make sure you only deposit funds you're happy to lose in case that's what happens.

New slot games don't seem to carry labels

When we arrived at Black Magic Casino, we didn't notice any labels or specific areas for new slots to sit in. However, it looks like there are going to be lots of titles to look at anyway. You can also look up your favorite developers to note their latest releases and then find them on the site.

Black Magic Casino offers lots of promotions

And these begin on the homepage, where you'll see lots of bonus possibilities in those changing panels at the top of the site. However, the best option is to move through to the promotions area, accessed from the menu, as this is where you can see all the available deals there just now.

Tournaments aren't on offer

This could change, but for now there are none.

Casino winners aren't mentioned on the site

We guess if there is a big jackpot winner this might change, but regular winners aren't displayed anywhere.

Rewards aren't mentioned either

Comp points are common at lots of casinos, but if they are offered at Black Magic Casino, they don't make a huge splash to confirm this.

You can play on mobile devices with no app required to do so

This makes sense as there are lots of casinos taking this stance nowadays. It means you don't need to bother with any downloads or updates. Android and iOS fans will find it simple enough to visit and play the touchscreen versions of the games on their mobile devices.

You can play some games without registering for an account

It does seem to depend which game you choose and from which developer. However, if you see the 'try for free' invitation on a game, you can go through and play the demo without signing up.

Instant play at Black Magic Casino

This is the way to go if you want to get fast access to casino games, no matter which site you're on. As this casino doesn't have the option to download any casino software, it's the way to go here as well.

We couldn't find any details of an affiliate program

Affiliate programs are commonplace at online casinos, but there was no sign of anything like this at Black Magic Casino.

There is a chance to bet on other things too

Black Magic Casino really does work some magic as it provides access to a sportsbook and some live racing as well. You'll spot those possibilities in the main menu, giving simple access to sports wagering if you want it.

No blog posts or similar features at Black Magic

There are no such areas to explore at this casino, but there is so much else going on we doubt you'll miss them.

Live dealer games can be found inside the live casino

This category is marked out by a roulette wheel logo, but you'll find other types of games in there as well, such as keno, baccarat, and blackjack in many guises.

Depositing funds at Black Magic Casino

The casino has some logos spread along the bottom of its site. Aside from a few virtual currencies - we'll get to those in a second - we spotted Amex, Visa, and Mastercard, although there were no familiar online wallets there.

When making a withdrawal, follow their instructions

One of the few things that is lacking at this casino is a banking page. This means you must rely on the cashier area to provide more information on this topic. Make sure you read through that before you begin, especially to check whether all deposit methods are fine for withdrawing via as well.

Bitcoin isn't the only virtual currency you might see at Black Magic Casino

It's becoming more common almost by the day to see more cryptocurrencies at online casinos. This one doesn't stop at Bitcoin either - it offers Litecoin, Ethereum, and others too.

Help can be sourced in various ways

Black Magic Casino offers an FAQ area at the foot of every page. You can also read the about page and contact page to get more details from those. The speech bubble loaded a form to fill in and send with any queries when we visited the site. It looks like this was the live chat feature and it was merely offline when we tried it. We guess it might change color when you see it though.