Players Club Casino

Players Club VIP Casino has quite a long name, but the glossy black and red look of the site certainly sets it up to be something special. Does it manage to attain those heights? We sure hope so, but our comprehensive review is going to lay out the facts that should help you find your answer. If you're ready, you can learn more about the casino here.

You might guess some of the software developers

It seems there are lots of them, and we immediately recognized games from NetEnt and Betsoft among others. There were many other developers too, as we spotted the dropdown panel of names once we got into the slot game area. If you choose one of those names, you can see their suite of available games on the site.

Plenty to find inside the lobby

From the main options in the casino, you can choose the broad type of game you'd like to check out. There are more slots than anything else as you might guess, but you might be surprised at how many other variations there are too.

Don't sign up until you've spent some time exploring

It's easy enough to access most parts of the site - except for the members' only areas of course - so it is ideal to do that before you sign up.

Are there any signup restrictions noted in their terms and conditions?

The minimum age is set at 18, except for anyone playing from a permitted area that demands a higher age. The site may just have the longest set of Ts and Cs we have ever seen, and having gone through it, we finally noted a few prohibited countries way down near the end of them. The good news is that you should be fine to use the site if you live in Australia, Canada, or the US, as these are not mentioned. However, regardless of where you live, it is still your responsibility to make sure you can indeed legally play there.

Table games provide some fascinating opportunities

We noticed scratch cards in there, which seems a little odd, although there is no other category to put those in. You can also see arcade games, blackjack, roulette, poker, and many other titles.

How many slots does Players Club VIP Casino offer?

Honestly, we think we would be there all day if we had to check the quantity. There must easily be hundreds of them, especially as there are dozens of developers, most adding plenty of titles to the area.

Test a game first if you get the chance

We always do this when we can, as it gives us a better sense of what to expect if we decide to switch to the paid version. You should find lots of possibilities in this area.

Costing each game before you play

The good thing about finding hundreds of games on a site like this one is that you can always find plenty that are affordable for you to play. Just be sure you check first.

It might be tricky to find the new slots at Players Club VIP Casino

With no clear labeling system for new slots and no specific area to find them in, it could be pot luck when searching for these.

Promotions for everyone

The casino has a great introductory bonus, but we didn't see a no deposit casino bonus anywhere. There are other bonuses too, including a reload offer and daily cashback inside the casino. You can read more about any of these before you claim them.

Don't expect any tournaments at Players Club VIP Casino

We didn't see any there, so we guess they're not something on their radar just yet.

Casino winners aren't displayed in any obvious places

We'll let you know if any appear. We know the biggest prizes on offer at the casino are the progressives, although there isn't a dedicated category for these.

Can you earn rewards as part of a VIP program?

Despite the VIP part of the brand name, we found no evidence of a VIP program at this casino. We even checked the promotional area and there was no sign of anything in there either.

What do you do if you want to play on a mobile device?

Simply head for Players Club VIP Casino as you normally would, by using your browser. There are no apps to download, so you just need to visit and use the site as it appears on a mobile device. We think you'll like the experience.

Can you play any of their games without registration?

Some of them, yes - we looked for those that offered a 'try for free' option, clearly seen when you examine some of the slots. If you don't see that option, you cannot access it other than when you're logged in.

Players Club VIP is an instant play casino

As are many competing sites nowadays, it would seem. There are some that still offer free software downloads, but they are becoming rarer by the day.

Can you participate in an affiliate program?

It doesn't appear so, as there are no links and no info on this topic anywhere on their website.

Any chance of betting on sports as well?

Yes, you can do this at Players Club VIP. The sportsbook area is accessed from their menu, and while it can take a few seconds to load, we think you'll appreciate the detail and scope on offer when it does. You can also head for the live racing area, although you will need to sign into your account to get into it.

Don't expect to find any blog posts to read at the casino

Players Club VIP doesn't go into this area.

You can also check out their live casino area

You'll get a glimpse of some of those games on the landing page, with keno, roulette, and baccarat among the possibilities. Many of the games include several versions as well, which is excellent to see.

What do we know about depositing?

There are several payment methods displayed at the bottom of their website. Many of them are virtual currencies, but they also offer Mastercard, Visa, and even American Express.

Check whether you can use your deposit option for withdrawals too

This won't always be the case, so if you can find out via the cashier before getting started, it could save you time later.

Bitcoin isn't your only option for cryptocurrency services

You'll spot the Bitcoin Cash option too, along with Litecoin and Ethereum.

How to get some assistance at Players Club VIP Casino

There are many ways you can do this. They have a basic FAQ area that might help, but the best bet is to use live chat. It appears that this offers a form to send if they are not online.