21 Online Casino

21 Casino - it's just about the most basic name we can think of, other than potentially referring to the 21 everyone aims for in blackjack. So, is this the site to sign up for if you love table and card games or does it offer the usual mix of casino games to play? We guess you've got other questions you'd like some answers to as well, so let's dive in here and see what we can find out.

Expect dozens of software developers

They're not hidden either - if you head for the casino games area, you'll see a chance to discover all the names in there. Everyone from Alchemy Gaming to WMS is there, with plenty of familiar names we bet you'll recognize.

Hit the games link to head for the lobby

You can get a feel of what's happening at 21 Casino before you leave the homepage, but it's best to see all the gaming categories inside the lobby by going through the games link at the top of the page.

Join the casino by finding the signup button

It's there in the top right of the site, so you won't have any issues spotting it. Of course, we'd suggest looking around for a while first.

Do the terms and conditions include any signup restrictions?

We visited from the UK and can confirm you're fine to sign up from there. This is confirmed early in the terms and conditions as well, which only apply to players in that country. The other important element to note is that you must be at least 18 years of age.

Games fit into all kinds of categories

You can guess some of these, we're sure, but you will find categories covering jackpot slots and other games alongside the more usual ones. We also liked the Discover category, as that had segments on all kinds of titles.

Get the basics on all the slots

If you hover over any individual game, you'll see the volatility level, the number of reels involved, and how many paylines that game has. You can also see the name of the developer, so it's a great way to see the basics before you go in and play it.

How many titles include free games to play?

It's impossible to tell because the casino offers so many games from many different developers. However, we can tell you that there are lots of game studios that always provide practice versions of their games, and many of those studios are accounted for at 21 Casino.

Paid games should fit all budgets

This becomes more likely when you realize how many games there are at this casino too. You're always going to find a ton of games there, especially with lots of varied coin values in each. Most games have different coins to choose from as well, so make sure you find out the minimum bet for each and go from there.

The new games category lists all the freshest slot games you can play

21 Casino delivers way more than 21 slots, as you can imagine. In fact, you'll probably find more than that number inside the new games area alone. We spotted lots of titles there, so we guess you'll easily find some new games to play whenever you visit this casino.

Promotions for newcomers

You might get a peek at the welcome deal on the homepage, but you can read more about it in the promotions area. They do state that this is just the start of their promotional activities, but there are no other offers displayed inside the promo section of the site.

It doesn't look as if you'll get the chance to try any tournaments

There were no links to anything like this, so it seems unlikely.

Casino winners don't appear anywhere on the site

It's not as common as you might think to list swathes of winners on any casino website, so it wasn't a huge shock to find they don't do it at 21 Casino either.

We didn't see any news of rewards anywhere

Some casinos do still offer comp points and make little to no fanfare about them, so there's still a chance they might be hidden in there somewhere, but we didn't see anything relating to such a program.

Mobile and app information for 21 Casino

The casino does not require you to use an app if you decide to head there via Android or iOS devices. You can simply use the browser you'd use when visiting other sites online.

You'll need to login to play their games

That's the message that appears when you attempt to access one of the games at this casino. You don't need to deposit anything though, so you can simply sign up for free and try some games at that point.

Instant play all day long at 21 Casino

There's no need to download anything if you'd rather not do so. However, the casino does have a bright orange button near the foot of its site, which invites you to install the app. We guess this is for a downloadable version if you want it.

Affiliate details are there if you are interested

Twenty One Affiliates… that's the name of the affiliate program on offer at 21 Casino, so we guess that makes sense when you think about it.

Nothing sporting on offer at 21 Casino

You might have guessed this, as the casino offers no links to anything like a sportsbook or racebook.

They haven't added a blog anywhere yet

This usually appears in the lower menu at a casino, and while there is a menu at the foot of the site, it doesn't include anything like a blog.

Live dealer games are plentiful at 21 Casino

This casino sure does do a brilliant job of providing its players with lots of live dealer games to check out. Evolution is the software brand to note here, offering plenty of standard games alongside other quirkier ones like Deal or No Deal Live and Mega Ball 100x.

You should find lots of ways to make some deposits

If you decide to play for real at 21 Casino, you can check the available deposit methods in the cashier. There are cards of various kinds (including prepaid but excluding credit in the UK), while e-wallets are fine too.

Making a withdrawal at 21 Casino

Follow the instructions for doing this, as it is likely you may have different methods to choose from. The lack of any banking page at 21 Casino makes it tricky to know which methods you might need to use until you have opened an account.

Bitcoin isn't one of the available methods you can use

There was no sign of any crypto logos of any kind on the website among the other logos displayed there.

21 Casino does offer live chat

If you select this option, you'll see a message confirming that you can also email them if you wish. Alternatively, hit the live chat icon and go from there.