Hot Streak Casino

There is no guarantee you'll ever experience a streak of prizes coming your way if you visit Hot Streak Casino. However, we can assure you that their website has lots of elements and areas worth checking out. We've been there and spent some time exploring, so we're able to bring you lots of details about the site here. Read through everything we can share with you before you think about joining.

Big-name game studios in action at Hot Streak Casino

Yes, and while there isn't a list of developers to look at, you might recognize some of the slots on the landing page. They come from such sources as Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Microgaming, with many other famous slots and games available from other creators as well.

Peek inside the lobby when you arrive

This is easy as the gaming categories are right there in front of you. The onus is on slots at this casino, which is no bad thing, but there is a category for table games too. You can also access the slots in some of the other categories, including ones for popular and Megaways games.

Signing up for an account at Hot Streak Casino

It's simple enough to explore for a bit first, but you can then head for the orangey yellow signup button on the landing page to begin setting up your account.

The signup restrictions are considerable at this casino

Upon reading the small print in the terms and conditions, we found that the casino was only available to those aged 18 and over, and then only to those living in the UK.

You can find lots of entertaining games at the casino too

Since we've already mentioned a few of the game studios providing the casino with games, you can be sure there are lots of promising games to try there. Some revolve around different seasons and times of the year, and they tend to put those front and center at the relevant times. There are all kinds of other themes and ideas running through their games though, so you can always spot the best opportunities for something new or different to play.

Slots are the focus at this casino

Although it goes by the name Hot Streak Casino, a quick glance at the logo reveals that it says Hot Streak Slots. So, we guess this is an alternative name for the site, although either way, you do get a few other casino games to play as well.

Will there be some free games to play?

We know that many of the games we spotted there do have practice versions, made available by their developers. So, we think you ought to be able to test plenty of games at the casino. It's worth checking on this first if you spot something you like the look of.

Their paid games should be fine for most to try

You'll know what to expect from your budget and whether one game is more affordable than another. This should help you work out which games better fit the coin wagers you usually play with.

The new rosette logo guides you to the new slot games

Of course, there may be a few other new titles in there as well, but since most of the games at Hot Streak are slots, you're going to see more of those than anything else. There were plenty in there when we looked too, which is good to know.

Promotions all sit inside their own area of the menu

They're easy to find, and there are several offers in there. You may spot the welcome deal on the homepage when you arrive, but we recommend going through to the promotions page to read more about it. You're then able to spot other deals and offers you could take advantage of in future too.

We didn't see any information about tournament events

Hot Streak Casino does not seem to offer such events.

There were no lists of recent winners either

The casino will surely generate winners, but not all sites like this list them, and it seems to be true for Hot Streak too.

What did we make of their rewards page?

We initially thought this would explain more about comp points or a VIP club, but it tells you more about various promotions instead. We couldn't find any information about VIP benefits or anything similar, so we guess that means there aren't any available.

The promotions page has a link to their app

You can visit the casino on any mobile browser, but we spotted a link to the App Store offering their app to download free if you have an iOS device. No sign of anything similar for Android, but again, you can just visit on a browser instead if you wish.

You do need to register for an account if you would like to play

While we are sure that many of the games come with demo versions, you'll need to be logged in to play them - which means setting up an account first.

Instant play gaming at Hot Streak Casino

The casino works via your browser, so all the games will load there.

Affiliate details do not appear

These usually sit in one of the smaller menus at the bottom of a casino website, but that's not the case here. We didn't see anything elsewhere either.

There are no sportsbook features at Hot Streak

You can't follow horseracing either.

They have yet to add a blog

Some casinos have detailed and informative blog posts in a different area, but we did not see one in this case.

We didn't find any live games in the casino

Some sites have live dealers involved with certain games, but that's not true of Hot Streak.

How to make deposits

There is no banking or deposit methods information on the site, so we are left with a series of logos to go on. These include Visa and Mastercard, although we know that the UK only accepts debit cards at online casinos owing to regulatory requirements. They also list PayPal, MuchBetter, and Trustly.

The cashier should provide more details about making a withdrawal

The lack of a banking page makes this tricky to know more about without an account. We suggest learning more in the cashier before depositing for the first time too - just in case you can use one method for both purposes.

Bitcoin isn't listed anywhere

There is no sign of any other cryptocurrency methods there either.

Help is on offer from the second you arrive

Confirmation of their live chat service is right there in the bottom right of your screen. You should see a message asking if they can help with anything, which is great to see. Better yet, you can just enter a message - no details or account needed - so it's no problem asking about anything you need to know. They also have a support area in the menu at the top of the site, so it's another way to get some information if you need it.