Legal Online Casinos Allowing 18+ Year Olds And Up

The US offers a mix of prospects for anyone looking to join an online casino. The laws differ from one state to another, so you must be aware of the situation where you are. In some cases, players can hop across the border into another state to play, if that state accepts anyone who is physically within state borders.

Age is a key factor too. In most cases, players must be aged 18 or over to sign up and play at an online casino. In some cases, we’ve spotted individual casinos with an age limit of 21 or over, but 18 is the common denominator.

We’ve focused on a few casinos you can sign up for if you hit that age limit and you live in the US.

Bovada Casino

Bovada has made a name for itself in the US, offering a host of Hot Drop Jackpot games, plus many other superb slots and casino games to play. Plenty come with jackpots, and you can look for the New Game logo to find the freshest games too.

Ignition Casino

Fire up some of the best slots at Ignition today, with over 300 to choose from. You can also delve into some blackjack and other table games, with poker tournaments also up for grabs if you’re interested. Don’t miss your welcome offer either.

Café Casino

They’ve got over 250 slots lined up to date, with more arriving all the time. Kick back and chill out at Cafe Casino , claiming your generous bonus to start with and seeing where it might take you.

You can guess the main game on offer at this casino, we’re sure. has plenty of entertaining slots to play from the comfort of your home. Explore the site before signing up and you’ll find plenty of promotions there too.

Can you go to a bricks and mortar casino at 18?

Yes, there are some casinos that allow this; again, it can depend on which state you’re in. Check in your area to see whether there are any you can enter before you travel.

Which states allow online casino gambling for 18-year-olds?

There are several states that now permit this, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Other states are thinking about joining them, but we know it can take many years for any movement to occur on this subject.

How old do you need to be to gamble at an online casino?

Since ages can vary from one state to another, we recommend that you visit a suitable online casino available in your state and check the age there. Keeping up with local laws is a good idea when you’re considering any online betting.

Remember that some states permit sports betting but not casino betting – and vice versa

This makes it even more important to keep up with what’s happening where you are. Find out whether some states allow all those old enough to play to do so if they are physically present, rather than having to be resident in that state.