WagonBet Casino

WagonBet Casino

Wagon Bet Casino is ready to explore today, but the first thing you'll notice upon landing on their site is that there are many other areas to check out apart from the casino. That is our focus here, although we will touch on the other sections as we go through our review. If you have some time to spare and you are thinking about becoming a member of Wagon Bet, hang back until you have read the following.

Expect lots of software developers populating this casino

And it couldn't be easier to find out who they are. The casino lists them on the screen when you arrive, even providing the number of games available from each brand. We spotted Concept Gaming, KA Gaming, Rival, Pragmatic Play, and lots of others included there.

The lobby provides you with lots of ways to look through the games

There is a ton of game types to look through as you'll see in a second, so you need to be able to sort through them as easily as possible. Fortunately, Wagon Bet Casino provides you with lots of ways to do this. There are categories covering slots, the most popular titles, baccarat, poker, and even lottery games, to name only a few areas you can explore.

Will you join the casino?

You can see there is a lot to take in first. However, if you look around and you like everything that's on offer at Wagon Bet Casino, you can sign up via the red button at the top of the site that says REGISTER.

The general terms and conditions include signup restrictions

These terms include a section covering legal requirements, although you should take your time and read the entire page before signing up. You must either meet the legal age for the site, which is 18, or the legal age where you live if that happens to be higher. You must sign up from somewhere that allows online gambling with real money too. They also provide a list of banned countries a little further down the page. This confirms that you cannot use Wagon Bet Casino if you are a resident of the US, or a few other states or countries as mentioned there. You should be fine if you live in Australia or Canada though. As for Europe, it's a bit of a mix, so check those rules to find out more.

How many games will you find at this casino?

Get ready for this - they've got over 4,300 of them at the time we wrote this review. That's quite enough for any player, we reckon, and while some developers add more than others to the collection, it's certainly a giant one to explore.

Lots of slots? How about 3,900 of them?

And it is likely to be more by the time you read this. You might wonder how you can sort through them all, but it's easier than you'd think. If you select the 'show filter' option, you'll see all kinds of themes come into view. You can then choose one of those to see all the slots offering that theme.

Look for demo options if you want to try some free games

This is the best way to be sure you can try some games prior to choosing which ones you would like to place wagers on. It's tricky to know which titles to play for real without testing them first, especially when you've got thousands to choose from. However, you can look at the demos to help you on this score.

The green play button is the way to load a real game

This is the other option, sitting above the demo choice if you want to play for real. Once you know how much each game might cost to play, you can choose something to bet on for real and load this version instead.

Is it easy to find some new slot games at Wagon Bet Casino?

Yes, you can find the new category in the menu along with all other categories. You can also look for the green logo that says new, as this appears in the corner of each game when it is newly introduced to Wagon Bet. These tweaks should help you find the freshest slots to play when you're in the mood for something you haven't seen before.

Look for the gift to find the promotions

The red gift appears at the top of the site, so you cannot miss it. It appears in the same shade of red used for the word Bet as part of the Wagon Bet Casino title. Choose the casino offers to narrow the field only to those, as you'll find deals there for another key part of the Wagon Bet website as well. No more clues just yet, but we'll reveal all in a while.

Tournaments don't seem to form part of their website

This is fair enough as there are lots of other casinos that do not provide these events. We'll update you here if there are any that make future appearances.

You won't see any news of jackpot winners either

There are some jackpot games available at this casino, but there was no news of any big winners there, nor did we read anything about anyone winning a prize on the site. Some casinos never worry about adding such details, and it appears that we can add Wagon Bet to that list.

Rewards are not mentioned or listed anywhere

We did not see anything along these lines, so it could be that you cannot become a VIP at this casino.

Look for the link that takes you to the mobile version of the casino

This is close to the bottom of the site, towards the right of the page, just above the area offering the menu options there. You can then load the mobile version to visit.

We discovered that you can also play without registering an account

This only works with demo games, as you'd imagine, so bear that in mind. However, it is an excellent way to find some games in their giant collection, just to be sure you can afford those if you were to sign up for some real casino play.

Instant play works for all the games

It didn't take us long to realize this is an instant play casino, with no downloads to bother about. It's the easiest way to play and it also means you can use whichever computer or device you want to.

Affiliate info is easy to find when you know how

Look for the partners area at the bottom of the Wagon Bet website. You'll see an invitation to join now, and if you select it, you'll go through to the Loro Partners website. They handle the affiliate program for this casino, so you can read more about it there to find out whether it suits you.

The sporting arena is covered too at Wagon Bet

We said this was about more than just a casino, and this is where we can confirm it for you. There is a live area to visit if you're into in-play betting, while the sports area sits just next to that in the menu. You also have some eSports action to check out, along with another area based on virtual sports.

There are no blog or forum areas to read through

This is quite common for an online casino, so we were not too surprised to find this was the case for Wagon Bet Casino.

Explore the live casino and meet some real dealers at Wagon Bet

This is another area appearing in the main menu. We found over 450 live dealer games in there, thanks to the inclusion of several developers contributing their games to the area. They've got categories for trending games, along with others covering blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat, so there is plenty to explore.

Deposit methods you can use at Wagon Bet Casino

Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online appear as logos at the bottom of their website. However, you can also access their FAQ area to find out about some other methods you can use. These include bank cards and a series of virtual currencies.

Learn more about making a withdrawal

The FAQ includes a section on this too, and it suggests that withdrawals can potentially be received in as little as 24 hours following the request being made. We suspect this might vary a little according to which method you go for.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available

It appears in the deposit area of the FAQ, along with Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, so you do have a few to choose from.

The FAQ is the ideal area to find some help

You can discover more about the casino in there, as it includes lots of categories and sections to read about before you consider joining Wagon Bet Casino. The contact page is accessible from there as well. This provides you with an email address and phone number should you need them. There is no sign of a link to a live chat section though.