Bet Plays Casino

Bet Plays Casino has gone for a small logo, but this just leaves more room to squeeze in all the information, games, and details they can share with you. And there is a lot to provide you with in this review, for sure. Within seconds of arriving at Bet Plays, we realized this was a much bigger site than we were expecting. So, if you are ready to check it out, make sure you have time to read this comprehensive take on their offering.

You will find lots of software developers in play there

Sometimes we find we need to search for answers on this topic, but not so at Bet Plays Casino. Once inside the casino, we spotted a list of all the developers on offer underneath the main gaming categories. There were some lesser-known developers there, such as KaGaming, NJOY, and Leap Gaming, but we noticed famous ones too. Those included Fugaso, Leander, Pragmatic Play, and Playson.

The main gaming areas are found in the lobby

And since this appears when you visit the casino, you don't need to spend ages searching for those areas. Expect a quick hop through to the slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette areas, where you'll see lots of games to consider playing.

Explore for a while before you think about signing up for the casino

The site looks promising for sure, and with so much to look through and consider before you join, it makes sense to spend some time looking at whether Bet Plays is going to be right for you before you join. Remember to pick up details of their welcome bonus too.

Signup restrictions appear under the second section of the Ts and Cs

This is titled your account, and you'll see the legal requirements covered there. You cannot join if you are under 18 or under the legal age where you live if you are resident in an area with a higher limit. They prohibit members joining from Australia, the USA, and the UK, along with a few countries throughout Europe and elsewhere.

What sort of games can you find in the casino?

There are games based on all the most popular formats, but slots take the biggest share of the casino space on offer. We liked that you could explore the most popular games there right now too. It's a good idea to go through all the game categories, so you can see which ones have the most games to play if you do decide to sign up.

Expect over 2,000 slots to play

Bet Plays Casino has lots of developers to offer, as we already know. This means you can expect to find thousands of slots to play. The game studios appear under the categories, so you can choose one of those to view only their games if you want to. Otherwise, view them all and consider trying the most popular area too.

Many slots do include free games to try

You'll need to look for a demo option when you select a game, which should appear underneath the regular PLAY option when you look more closely at a specific title. If it doesn't, you know there is no free version to try.

You should be able to find plenty of affordable games at Bet Play

Unfortunately, you cannot choose to view games according to their bet values, although they do have categories for all kinds of themes in the slot game area. It's best to access demo versions first to see which coins you can use in each one.

New slot games have a green label

Look for this in the top left of the game screen in any area of the casino. While there is a new area reserved for these titles, it's good to see you can find them in any other section just by looking for that label.

One step to reach the promotions

You might see one or two on the homepage when you arrive at Bet Plays Casino, but you can go through to the promotions area by selecting the link just to the side of the logo. There were nine offers there when we visited, with options to see those relating to the casino or those connected to other parts of the site. Be sure you check the welcome bonus details before you do anything else if you've yet to join or deposit at Bet Plays.

We saw no evidence of any tournaments

It might be a different matter once you've logged in, and there could be a chance of an occasional event to note. However, there was no sign of anything along these lines when we were looking around Bet Plays Casino.

Casino winners aren't mentioned anywhere that we saw

You might like this if you'd rather keep quiet on this topic…

Rewards did not appear anywhere either

We did not see a specific page for these, and the second most common area to provide info at (the promotions page) had no details either.

Mobile information about Bet Plays Casino

If you go to the bottom of the site, you will find a link that takes you to the mobile version of their website. This means you do not need a mobile app to download and regularly update. Just follow the link and you need do nothing else to be able to see the best version of the site for a touchscreen device running on Android or iOS.

You can also play without registration

If a developer provides a demo version of a game, you can expect to load that and play it without needing an account at Bet Plays Casino. This means you can easily explore the site and try anything that catches your attention. If you can see a demo link, you know you can try it.

Instant play works fine at this casino

Bet Plays hasn't bothered with any software, in common with lots of other modern casinos around today. Downloadable software - even though it is always free - seems to be on the way out. Just play anything you like the look of in your browser.

Affiliate details provided at the bottom of the site

There is an affiliates/partners' link that you can follow to read details of their program. They have lots of information about the features of the program, with tools, conversion details, and much more to read before you consider joining it.

You can bet on sports too at Bet Plays

Yes, this is far more than a basic casino. A quick glance at the menu highlights the sporting area, along with live events happening if you want some in-play betting action. They also have a virtual sports section to discover if you are interested in that.

The site does not offer a blog

This is a shame as we very often see promising results and blog posts when a site includes a blog covering sports and casino topics. However, there is no sign of one at Bet Plays.

Bet Plays does offer a live casino experience

It soon becomes clear that this is a busy area too. It certainly doesn't stop at a handful of games. That's why there are categories covering different game types at the casino. Live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker are there, along with a section for game show titles. There are several game studios providing live dealer titles there as well, so you can select via provider name if you wish.

How to make deposits if you want to join Bet Plays Casino

The first thing we spotted was a lack of banking information anywhere. There were no obvious logos there either. We accessed the FAQ area and found a deposits section in there though, so the info is there if you know how to find it - and now you do. You can choose from credit and debit cards, along with prepaid methods, online wallets, and virtual currencies.

You should ideally use the same method when making a withdrawal

Consider this before you deposit, as it could affect the method you decide to use. Their withdrawals page inside the FAQ area provides more information to guide you through the process.

Bitcoin is on the list to use if you wish

We spotted the letters BTC included among the deposit options, so this confirms you can use Bitcoin if you want to. Ethereum was there too.

Help begins with those FAQs

We've seen how important this area is when looking for banking details on the site. Bet Play splits its FAQ area into several sections, and you'll find lots of questions and answers inside each one. At the bottom of the column in the FAQ area, you'll see a section labeled contact us. This provides email, phone, and social media links. If you hit the logo floating in the bottom right of any website page, you'll access their live chat feature as well.