Sportbet - Crypto Sports Betting

Sportbet keeps its name simple, launching you straight into the sportsbook upon arrival. There are live and upcoming events landing on the homepage when you arrive, and it's easy to see the dedicated live area and the casino link at the top of the page. We examined what else you can expect to see there.

Choose your ball to find the relevant coverage

Will it be a football, tennis ball, rugby ball, or something else? In a few cases, you'll get something different - like boxing gloves for that sport or a puck for hockey. However, it's an easy way to identify the sport you want, and there are plenty of those to choose from. They have a section for eSports too, if you're interested.

Signup restrictions for Sportbet

When we arrived, we spotted a popup support message telling us we could bet from our location. That's good to know - and it also said we could do so without using a VPN. There are no terms and conditions like you'd expect on other sites, and since they use the EOS blockchain, they're open to more bettors than competing sites.

What about promotions?

They offer a first deposit bonus of 125%, but you don't see this until you select the join now invitation. You can receive up to $1,000 via this deal. They don't have another promotions area to visit.

No downloads for Sportbet

Just play on mobile or a computer - the site adjusts its appearance to show you the best format.

We didn't see any VIP elements rolled into the site

Since the welcome offer is tucked away for those signing up to the site, we'd suggest keeping an eye on your account to find out about any other potential offers that might appear.

Expect a selection of virtual currencies to choose from

Several familiar options appear at the foot of the site. You can spot Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin there, for example.

Check out the full suite of odds, sports, and more at Sportbet

There are plenty of reasons to sign up for Sportbet, but we'd suggest exploring the siter further before doing so. With competitive odds and lots of coverage to check out in the sportsbook alone, you'll love what you find there.