Arkadium Games

Did Arkadium Games make you think of playing arcade games? That's the idea, we guess since there are many classic titles ready for you to check out on their website. Arkadium Games offers a host of titles - over 100 to date - that fall into several categories. Let's explore further to see what's in store.

First, the big question - do you need to pay to play?

No, the games are confirmed as fun and free, although you can pay a small monthly fee to remove all the ads from the site. They also have an app for Android and iOS if you'd rather get access to the games on the go.

What kinds of games do they offer?

If you go to the 'All Games' category via the menu, you'll see a host of subcategories there. They've got everything from crossword puzzles to strategy games, through to brain games and hidden object games. We counted 27 categories to explore.

Can you try the games without getting an account at Arkadium Games?

Yes, we tried this and ended up playing a few titles when we should have been writing this article… so, it's a positive thing to say there are some engaging games on there. You can also create a free profile and sign in whenever you want in future. You will need an account if you want to access their shop, where you can purchase various boosts and other items to use.

They also offer sweepstakes to some players

Read the small print for these, as they're only available to residents of some American states. That said, you can still enjoy the free games on the site even if you can't participate in the sweepstakes.

Check out Arcadium Games today to discover your favorite arcade games

There are so many games to choose from, you might well find a few favorites there if you like what you see. While you will likely see ads on the site (or in the app) if you choose the free version, they're not that intrusive. Will this be the best path to some free gaming action from now on? Check out Arcadium Games to find the answer.